100 Texts for a Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man tends to base his decisions on practical matters instead of just his feelings. In his day-to-day life, he likely prioritizes his professional and academic dreams over his romantic connections. He is more than capable of settling down when he does find the right person, but he won’t commit to anything unless he is completely certain.

When looking for a partner, the Capricorn man typically wants someone who has goals and is practically minded. As you work on building a relationship with your Capricorn, you can use the best texts for a Capricorn man. This zodiac sign generally appreciates genuine compliments, even if he pretends like they aren’t a big deal. Consider taking this time to go through our main article about how to have a healthy relationship with a Capricorn man for more advice.

Because of his goal-oriented nature, the typical Capricorn man tends to have a full schedule. With flirty texts for a Capricorn man, you can keep your relationship going when he is on the go. If you really want to show him that he is important to you, introduce him to your family and friends. You may find benefit in reading through our other articles about 100 texts for each zodiac sign as well.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Capricorn Man

1. I think you are the warmest, kindest man I have ever met.

2. After you are done answering all your work emails, I’d love to grab lunch with you.

3. You are such a great advice giver—it’s probably because you’re sensible and smart.

4. Thank you for being the one person I can always count on to be there for me.

5. I got lunch from your favorite restaurant. If you have time for a break, we can split it!

6. I just got a book that I’m sure you’ll like. When I’m done reading it, do you want me to drop it off at your place?

7. When you have a moment off from your high-flying career, we should get drinks. 🙂

8. My weekend would have been infinitely better if you had been a part of it. How was yours?

9. I’ll give you one guess about who scored a promotion!

10. Hey, sunshine. How is your workday going?

11. What are your goals for your future?

12. Hey, beautiful. How’s everything going?

13. Hey, I know you are always the first person done in class. Can you help me with a question about our homework?

14. I know you’ll do amazing today. You are always the best at everything you do. 🙂

15. How’s a 9-to-5 existence treating you?

16. I was happily surprised to run into you. I know you’re always busy, but you should shoot me a text when you’re free for dinner next.

17. I’d love getting to talk all of it over in person. Do you have any free time this weekend?

18. I was trying to accomplish my next major goal, but I’ve really hit a roadblock. Do you have a moment to share some advice?

19. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to think about anything other than you.

20. What would you say if I asked you over to my place?

21. I was thinking about going to a concert this weekend. Interested in joining?

22. Do you have any major goals I should know?

23. You look seriously amazing in that outfit.

24. I love how amazing you are at everything you try. You’re seriously my career hero.

25. I am so, so proud of you!

26. Don’t worry. Just take a deep breath, and remember why I think you’re so incredibly wonderful.

27. You are so, so gorgeous. Each time I look at you, it takes my breath away.

28. I saw your work on the news. Seriously, is there anything you aren’t capable of?

29. That was so incredibly fun. I’m happy I discovered somebody who likes (insert hobby or activity) as much as I do!

30. You really are a go-getter. I’d have to work all night just to keep up with you.

31. While I don’t want to distract you from your job right now, I’ve seriously spent an hour trying to imagine how cute you look today. What are you wearing?

32. When you’re free, I’d love to get a chance to introduce you to my friends and family members.

33. I am so unbelievably lucky to call you mine.

34. I’ll always be here for you in any way that you need me to.

35. How would you respond if I asked you over to my house right now?

36. I heard a new cafe just opened. Do you want to grab a cup of coffee with me?

37. I’m happy I had a chance to get to know you better. You should tell me when you have a bit of free time in your schedule this week.

38. The sight of you always manages to take my breath away.

39. No games. I really just want a chance to know you better and see what happens after that.

40. You are seriously amazing at geometry. When you have time, I would be so happy if you’d explain the homework to me.

41. What was the name of that (insert television show) that you thought I should watch? I was hoping to give it a chance before I saw you again, but I can’t remember the name.

42. Although I want to pay attention to my job, I just can’t focus on anything other than you.

43. I think I’m ready for round two. What are your plans for this weekend?

44. Hey, superman. While you’re busy planning out your next goal, don’t forget about me! I’d love to meet you for lunch whenever you have time. 🙂

45. I think you’ll ace this presentation. You always do great!

46. I had the most amazing dream about you. Want to hear all about it?

47. They would have to be blind not to pick you. You’re obviously the best choice!

48. When can I treat you to dinner to celebrate your (insert event or achievement)?

49. Is the essay due right away? If so, I’ll quit texting you until you’re done. I know you’ll do great.

50. I think you are someone I would love to know on a deeper level. If you feel the same, we should hang out sometime.

51. Thank you so much for going out with me yesterday. I know I’m going to be busy for most days this week, but I am free on (insert day or time) if you want to meet up again.

52. Thank you for giving me such an amazing experience. After such a crazy week at work, I really needed last night.

53. That restaurant was so great. When we get together next, I’ll have a hard time finding an experience to match it.

54. I’m sure you’re already working on a new goal, but I’d love to get lunch together if you have time for a short break. 🙂

55. Hey, sunshine. I just can’t get enough of looking at you. When will we be able to see each other again?

56. Thank you so much for coming over on Friday night. Whenever you’re free, I’d love to have a chance to do that again.

57. I’m not particularly good at texting people. Can I just call you instead?

58. You are so smart, goal-driven, and cute. Seriously, where is the flaw? Or are you the first person in history who is truly perfect?

59. If the sun decided to stop shining, I think you’re radiance could easily take its place.

60. I know how amazing you are at math. Could you help me with my homework sometime?

61. You amaze me in more ways than I can even count.

62. I’m sure you’re insanely busy and can’t respond right now, so just know that I love you and am excited to see you later.

63. Thank you so much for being the one person I can always count on to be there for me.

64. I liked talking to you yesterday. Do you have any free time to meet up this weekend?

65. I’d love a chance to get to know you better. Do you have a moment to talk?

66. (Insert dish) was amazing. When we go out next, I have a great idea that I think you’ll really enjoy.

67. It looks like you were right again. How am I not surprised?

68. Hey, beautiful. I know you’re insanely busy today, so I just wanted to quickly text you to say I love you.

69. You’re ambitious nature wants me to do so much more in life. Being around you makes me want to be a more amazing person.

70. Because of you, it feels like I can do anything I set my mind to in life.

71. If you could become anything, what would your dream job be?

72. As long as you are at my side, I can conquer any obstacle in life.

73. My train of thought keeps getting interrupted by thoughts of you, so I finally gave in and texted you. How is the most amazing man in the world doing today?

74. Mind if I treat you to a congratulatory dinner tonight?

75. What an amazing evening. I’m still thinking about (insert funny memory). What are you doing later on in the week?

76. I really like your profile pic. Every time I see it, I get this urge to text you.

77. I’m counting down the minutes impatiently until we can see each other again.

78. What is your most amazing dream in life? Could I ever become a part of it?

79. I know it’s hard to spend time together because we’re both so focused on our dreams. I just want you to know that I love every second we get to spend together!

80. I’m so horrible at texting. Would it be okay if I just gave you a call instead?

81. I’ve been looking forward to our date for days. 🙂

82. I don’t know when we’ll both be free at the same time, but I’d love to get dinner when the stars line up for us.

83. I’m so thankful my co-workers are nothing like you, or I would never be able to get a promotion.

84. While our bodies might be physically apart, I still feel close to you in spirit.

85. I’m not into raisins, but I’d be down if you offered me a date. 😉

86. You are like the shining sun that brightens my entire life. Being around you is enough to bring light to even my darkest days.

87. I enjoyed our conversation a lot earlier. When you come over this evening, we should finish the conversation.

88. Do all women feel this nervous before they go out with you?

89. How it is possible that you get to be gorgeous and smart?

90. If they let me rearrange the entire alphabet, I’d make sure U and I are together.

91. The day doesn’t start until I get a message from the most wonderful man in the world. How is your day going, sunshine?

92. Until we’ve both managed to finish our goals, I’ll just have to daydream about you instead of seeing you during the week. Love you. 🙂

93. You seem like a lot of fun to be around. I’d love to get to know you better.

94. I think last night was truly amazing. I always love getting to talk to someone who has a lot of interesting ideas.

95. Whenever we go out next, I’ll update you on my latest job success. You should also tell me how your project is going for you. 🙂

96. You should go after that promotion. I think you really deserve it. 🙂

97. This week was so hectic at work. I can’t wait until I can unwind with you.

98. I hope you have a day that is as amazing as you are!

99. I’m not psychic, but I can see a future with us together. 🙂

100. When I first met you, I think I was first attracted to your ambition and brains.

Are Capricorn Men Bad at Texting?

Capricorn men are known for always being on time and good at accomplishing to-do lists, which is why it’s a bit surprising that they aren’t great at texting a partner back. These guys are just too focused on their careers and other goals to respond to a text. If you’ve been waiting hours for a text back from a Capricorn, don’t read too much into it.

How Do You Attract a Capricorn Man Over Text?

Attracting a Capricorn man via texts is a delicate matter. Unlike other zodiac signs, you can’t just jump in and ask him on a date or give him a compliment. Instead, the best texts for a Capricorn man will talk to him about his dreams or make him feel admired.

Since a Capricorn man is so goal-driven, it is important to show him that you also have a lot of goals and dreams. This will help you connect to him since he likes practical, sensible people. Whatever you do, don’t play mind games with him, or you’ll end up driving him away from you.

How Do You Make a Capricorn Man Feel Special?

Rather than send cute texts for a Capricorn man, you can also send him compliments or write him one of these Capricorn love letters. Capricorns are generally a little on the shy side, so he will likely appreciate a woman who can draw him out of his shell. If you want him to fall for you, pay attention to him, care about his dreams, and treat him with respect.

Through the best texts for a Capricorn man, you can strengthen your relationship. Sweet texts for Capricorn men show you still appreciate your partner, even when you are both busy accomplishing your dreams.







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