100 Texts for a Capricorn Woman

Your typical Capricorn is driven by her practical nature and ambition instead of her emotions. Because of this, she tends to prioritize her work life or academic goals over her immediate relationships. While she is perfectly capable of settling down with the right person, she will most likely delay any major romantic commitments until she has found just the right person.

In the meanwhile, there are a few ways you can show a Capricorn woman you really care for her. Compliments are always appreciated, even if she appears to shrug them off. She tends to gravitate toward goal-oriented, practical people. Of course, you can gain insights about every aspect of your relationship by learning about how to have a healthy relationship with a Capricorn woman.

Since Capricorn women are generally busy, the best texts for a Capricorn woman can help you keep your relationship going. Through cute texts for a Capricorn woman, you can remind her about how much you care for her when you are kept apart because of your goals. If you really want to show your partner that she’s the one for you, you should also make an effort to introduce her to your friends and family members. If you want to nourish a range of relationships, then be certain to read through our series of articles about 100 texts for each zodiac sign.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Capricorn Woman

1. Hey, gorgeous. How are you doing?

2. I love how good you are at everything. You’re my career inspiration. 😉

3. What are your plans for the future?

4. I am so proud of you.

5. Hey, beautiful. How is work going today?

6. I just want to be here for you in whatever way you need me to. 🙂

7. Guess who managed to score a promotion!

8. You look really stunning in that dress.

9. How was your weekend? Mine would have been so much better if you were a part of it.

10. How is 9-to-5 life treating you?

11. Care to take a break from your high-flying career to grab a drink with me?

12. I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life.

13. I bought a book that made me think of you. When do you have some free time so that I can drop it off?

14. Thank you for being the one person who is always there for me.

15. Do you have any ongoing goals that I should know about?

16. I’m sure you’ll do great today—you always get the highest score on everything.

17. You’re so unbelievably brilliant and sensible.

18. I’d really like to introduce you to my family and friends sometime.

19. When you get a chance to set aside your work emails, I’d love to take you to lunch.

20. I bought you your favorite food. Wanna take a break to share it?

21. You are the warmest, gentlest person I have ever met.

22. Hey, can you answer a question about last night’s homework? I know you’re the one person I can count on to already have it perfectly finished.

23. I was going to check out a concert this weekend. Do you want to go with me?

24. I had an amazing dream about you last night.

25. What would you say if I asked you to come over to my house right now? 😉

26. I don’t want to distract you from your work, but I’ve spent the last hour trying to imagine what you’re wearing right now.

27. I think they’d have to be blind not to choose you for the position because you’re clearly the best.

28. You are such a go-getter. I have to work extra hours just to keep up with you.

29. No matter what I do, I just can’t get you off of my mind.

30. I’m sure you’ll nail your presentation! You got this!

31. I’ve been working on one of my main goals, but I hit a roadblock. Care to give me some advice?

32. That was so much fun. I’m glad I finally found someone who loves (insert activity) just as much as I do!

33. I’d love to talk to you a bit more about everything in person. Are you free over the weekend?

34. Just the sight of you takes my breath away.

35. I was pleasantly surprised to meet you. I know you have a lot on your schedule, but you should let me know when you are free to get dinner with me.

36. I happened to see your company on the news. Is there anything you aren’t able to do?

37. Hey, superwoman. I know you’re off conquering your next goal, but we should get lunch when you’re free next.

38. You are so incredibly beautiful—it takes my breath away.

39. I’m glad I could get to know you a bit. You should let me know when you have free time in your schedule this week.

40. Take a deep breath, and remember just how amazing you are.

41. You are clearly intelligent, cute, and ambitious. Where’s the flaw or are you seriously perfect?

42. I heard about a new coffee shop that just opened up. Wanna grab a drink with me?

43. To be clear, I’m ready for round two already. When are you free this weekend?

44. What would you tell me if I asked you over to my house?

45. That restaurant was fun—it really was a night to remember. Next time we meet up, it’ll be my chance to show you a great time. 🙂

46. Although I keep trying to focus on work, I just can’t get my mind off of you.

47. Turns out you were right. Why I am not surprised?

48. Thank you again for such a wonderful evening. That was exactly what I needed after a crazy week at work.

49. What was the name of that (insert movie or television show) you said I should watch? I wanted to give it a shot before we meet up next, but I forgot the name.

50. I’m not that great at texting. Do you mind if I call you some time instead?

51. You’re so good at geometry. If you have a chance to explain the homework to me, I will love you forever.

52. Thank you for going out with me last night. I’m going to be busy most of this week, but I do have some free time on (insert day or time).

53. No games. I just want to know you better and see where things go from there.

54. Thank you for spending Friday night with me. I’d love to do that again sometime.

55. You seem like someone I’d really like to know on a deeper level. If you think the same thing, we should get together.

56. Hey, gorgeous. I never seem to get bored of gazing into your beautiful eyes. When will I get to see you next?

57. Is that essay due now? I’ll stop texting you so that you can get it done. You’ve got this handled. 🙂

58. That (insert dish or meal) was delicious. Next time, I have a great idea about where we could go. I think you’ll really like it.

59. Can I take you out to dinner to celebrate your big (insert her latest success)?

60. I know you’re probably already busy with your next goal, but I was wondering if you could take a short break from your dreams to eat lunch with me?

61. What an epic evening. I still can’t get over (insert funny memory). What will you be up to later this week?

62. I’d love to know you better. Care to chat?

63. Can I treat you to a congratulatory dinner?

64. I enjoyed talking to you so much last night. I can’t wait to see you next. Are you available at all this weekend?

65. I’m pretty horrible at texting. Is it alright if I just call you?

66. Thank you for always being there for me. You are the one person I always know that I can count on.

67. Thoughts of you keep interrupting everything I try to do, so I figured I’d give in to them and text you. How are you doing?

68. I know you’re probably too busy to respond, so just know that I love you and can’t wait to see you later. 🙂

69. We’re both so busy working on our dreams that it seems impossible to ever get a moment alone together. Just know that I cherish each second I get to spend with you.

70. You amaze me in so many ways.

71. You are so amazing at math. Mind helping me with my homework sometime?

72. What do you think your dream job is?

73. If the sun ever quit, you’re definitely radiant enough to get offered the job.

74. I loved our conversation earlier. We should finish talking about that later this evening.

75. Because of you, I feel like I can accomplish anything.

76. What is your greatest dream? Can I be a part of it?

77. As long as I have you at my side, anything is truly possible.

78. Last night was amazing. I love getting to talk to someone who keeps me on my toes.

79. Being around you makes me want to be a better person. Your ambition makes me seek out bigger goals in life.

80. You are like the shining sun in my life. Even when I’ve been feeling blue, you make my entire day better.

81. Hey, gorgeous. I know you’re busy today, so I just wanted to tell you that I love you.

82. I am counting down the seconds until I see you again.

83. When we grab dinner next, I’ll tell you about my latest success at work. You can update me about how your project’s going. 🙂

84. I love your profile pic. It makes it impossible not to message you.

85. I might not be into raisins, but I’d definitely say yes if you offered me a date.

86. You look like a lot of fun—I’d love to learn more about you.

87. I might not be psychic, but I can see a future with you and me in it.

88. Until we’ve both completed all our goals, I’ll have to resign myself to daydreams about you during the week. Thinking of you.

89. We might be far apart physically, but I’m always close to you in spirit.

90. Go for that promotion—you deserve it.

91. I’m so lucky my co-workers aren’t like you, or I’d never have a shot at getting promoted.

92. The day doesn’t really begin until I get to hear from the most amazing woman in the world. How’s your morning going, beautiful?

93. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

94. I’d like to rearrange the alphabet to put U and I together.

95. I have no clue when our schedules are open at the same time, but I’m down for a dinner date whenever the stars align.

96. I think your ambition and intelligence were two of the things that attracted me to you right away.

97. How is it possible that you are beautiful and brilliant?

98. I’ve been looking forward to our date all week.

99. After such a hectic week at work, I’m really looking forward to unwinding with you.

100. Do all guys/girls feel this nervous before they go to dinner with you?

Do Capricorn Women Like to Be Texted?

As a general rule, Capricorn women aren’t particularly interested in texts. She’s just too busy to get bogged down by an endless text conversation or online chat. While she appreciates the effort you make in sending flirty texts for a Capricorn woman, don’t be surprised if she lacks the time to respond to all of them.

While she might not respond, you should still send her a text or two a day. Because she is so busy, texts may be the only way you can stay in communication during the week. The top texts for a Capricorn woman are short and to the point.

How Do You Attract a Capricorn Woman Over Text?

To attract a Capricorn woman through texts, you should focus on her career and her goals in life. Ideally, the top texts for a Capricorn woman will involve making her feel loved and admired. They also should require an immediate response because she is most likely too busy to respond right away.

A Capricorn woman is ambitious, so you should show that you also have goals in life. Thanks to her practical nature, she generally gravitates toward people who are sensible and down to earth. This is definitely not a zodiac sign that does well with mind games or emotional manipulations!

How Do You Make a Capricorn Woman Feel Special?

Other than sending romantic texts for a Capricorn woman, you can make your Capricorn feel special by sending her love letters and giving her genuine compliments. Because these women tend to be a bit shy, they generally want a man or woman who will draw them out of their shells. Paying attention to her, being supportive, and treating her with respect are all excellent ways to build your relationship with a Capricorn woman.

Whether you are crushing on a Capricorn or married to this lovely astrological sign, the best texts for a Capricorn woman can help your relationship. Through cute texts for a Capricorn woman, you can show your partner how much you care when she’s too busy to talk or go on a date. Over time, you can prove to your Capricorn that you are the perfect partner for her.







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