100 Texts for a Gemini Man

Gemini men are known as one of the most extroverted personalities in the entire zodiac. Driven by their intellectual curiosity, this man needs to talk things out when he has a problem. In order for him to really fall for you, he must connect on a verbal and emotional level.

Passionate about his interests, this man is quite good at socializing. Because of this, the best texts for a Gemini man can really help you win his heart. If you can appeal to his playful, intellectual nature, he will quickly take an interest in you.

Figuring out the right texts for a Gemini man isn’t easy. If you are struggling to think of what to say, we can help. Additionally, you can be certain to strengthen your relationships by reading more about how to have a healthy relationship with a Gemini man. For more ways to communicate via text, please consider reading through our article about 100 texts for each zodiac sign.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Gemini Man

1. While I know you’re busy with your plans for world domination, I’d love to hang out again whenever you’re free. 🙂

2. I’m at Starbucks, and there is an empty seat right next to me. You in?

3. Could you tell me that joke again? I can’t get over how funny it is.

4. I have a surprise. Do you want to find out what it is?

5. Hey, cutie. I think you’re gorgeous. Wanna hang out sometime?

6. I had an adventure in mind if you’re down. Do you want to do it?

7. Tell me your secret. Is it hard to look this attractive constantly?

8. I think I figured out the problem with your idea. Do you want me to come over to help you sort it out?

9. Do you like the way this dress looks on me?

10. Are you interested in becoming my plus one this evening?

11. If you asked me out to dinner, we could continue this conversation in person. 😉

12. If I had a science lab, I’d down a bunch of lithium, oxygen, vanadium, and europium. I’m sure it kill me, but at least I would die filled with LOVE.

13. I’m fairly certain our first time will be so wonderful that bards will create poems for the ages to sing about. Want to find out if I am right about that?

14. Whenever I’m around you, it makes my heart smile.

15. My hand misses how warm it feels wrapped up in your fingers.

16. I want to hear everything!

17. Your smile makes me go crazy.

18. I love how you look at me.

19. Are you interested in hearing an unusual fact I just discovered?

20. I can’t focus on anything today because I keep remembering the last time we were alone together.

21. The first time I saw you, you stole my heart.

22. I just want to be yours forever.

23. I love how smart you are.

24. As long as you’re in my dreams, I know I’ll have sweet dreams tonight.

25. I would like a pic of you from today because you looked amazing.

26. How long will you have to stay in prison? (Why?) For stealing my heart.

27. I haven’t gotten to talk to you enough recently, so I just wanted to tell you hello. I miss your face!

28. Each time we get to be together, it’s like someone rolled Christmas and my birthday into one magical day.

29. I’m sorry that I look at you all the time. It’s just impossible not to.

30. I’d like to know about every thought that runs through your mind. You’re so unbelievably creative.

31. I’m waiting impatiently for you. Interested in knowing what I’m wearing? 😉

32. As soon as your name lit up my screen, I couldn’t stop grinning. Everyone around me must think I’m crazy.

33. So what’s your secret? It just seems impossible to me that anyone could be as naturally gorgeous as you are.

34. It’s completely unfair that you get to be smart and good-looking. Everyone who meets you must be so jealous.

35. I love how pure your heart is. You really are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

36. I can’t get over everything I just read in my book. Wanna come over and talk about it with me?

37. What’s on your mind? I love getting to hear all of the things you are thinking about.

38. I love each minute I get to spend at your side.

39. Your smile makes me feel completely intoxicated. I love being around you.

40. I wish I could feel your lips against mine again. When can I see you again?

41. You have such a way with words. I love the way you speak.

42. As soon as you enter the room, I find it hard to breathe. You really take my breath away.

43. Do you want to grab dinner with me tonight? I’ll really make it worth the effort. 😉

44. Each time I see you, it’s like I’ve fallen asleep into an amazing dream that I never want to end.

45. I don’t think it’s fair that anyone would expect me to focus on work when they know I’m going home to a boyfriend like you later.

46. No matter how much time passes us by, I’m always here to lend a hand whenever you need help.

47. Until I met you, I never actually thought that true love was real.

48. I am so amazed at how good you are at everything you try to do.

49. I’ve never met a man as amazing as you before. You astound me.

50. God must have really been taking his time when he made you because you are the picture of perfection.

51. I know you took your time getting ready today because you look exceptionally amazing today.

52. My first thought when I woke up this morning was how much I miss your face. When will I get to see you again?

53. If you ever need any help, I’m always here to be your problem solver!

54. You have made me realize what it truly means to love someone unconditionally.

55. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

56. I think my greatest achievement in life was getting you to be with me. 😉

57. Going to work is impossible because all I do is count the minutes until the day ends, and I can be around you again.

58. Whenever I see you, my level of bliss hits an 11.

59. Getting to be with you is a magical experience. Once my hand is in yours, all of my worries magically seem to disappear.

60. Nothing makes me happier in life than getting to be close to you.

61. Good luck at your thing today! You’re going to do awesome like you always do!

62. We really are a perfect match. I love you!

63. I know you’re super busy today, but I’d love it if you could add me to your to-do list. 😉

64. I’d like to make you dinner sometime. When are you free.

65. You are like the final missing puzzle piece that made my whole life suddenly make sense.

66. Did you bewitch me? Or are you seriously the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the world?

67. Until I met you, I didn’t care about the future. Now, all I can think about is what the future will look like with you in it.

68. It’s impossible to fall asleep because I just can’t get you off my mind.

69. (Insert color of his shirt) is decidedly your best color. Wow!

70. No matter how long we are together, I still get butterflies whenever you enter the room.

71. After such a terrible day, I’m really looking forward to spending tonight in your arms.

72. I would be a lot more productive if I could think about anything other than how smart and gorgeous you are.

73. Just the sound of your voice sends chills down my spine.

74. I don’t know what I did to be lucky enough to have you in my life, but I am so thankful you are a part of my world.

75. Whenever we meet up tonight, I’d like you to help me with a problem. You’re so creative and smart about finding solutions, and I think I really need your help.

76. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing me a favor. Can I have your number?

77. I haven’t texted you for a bit, so I don’t want you to forget me. How’s your day going, sunshine?

78. Hey, beautiful. 😉

79. Where have you been all of my life?

80. When do I get to see your beautiful face again?

81. I don’t want to get up today. Want to join me in bed?

82. You are everything I want in life and so, so much more than I deserve. I love you.

83. I love getting to hear all of your amazing stories and creative ideas!

84. I was just telling my friends about you, and I think they’re all jealous. They know just how blessed I am to have you in my life.

85. Some people get butterflies in their stomach when they see someone attractive. When you walk in the room, it’s like an entire zoo stampeding in there.

86. Before, I had so many regrets. Now, I realize all of my mistakes were worthwhile because they ended up leading me to you.

87. I’m so lucky to have such an awesome boyfriend. You really make me look good. 😉

88. Brains AND beauty? How is it even possible that you exist?

89. I love hearing you talk. You always have such interesting thoughts. It’s exciting just getting to talk to you!

90. While I love texting you, it’s nothing like getting to be physically close to you.

91. If we were alone in a room right now, what would be doing? Describe everything for me.

92. If I close my eyes for just a second, I can really imagine myself in your arms again.

93. Hearing your voice always makes my heart smile.

94. I can’t stop thinking about last night. It’ll be on my mind all week.

95. You should come over if you’re free. 😉

96. Even if I could choose any partner in the world, I’d pick you every time.

97. Tell me your favorite dish, and I’ll make it for you for dinner tonight.

98. How is it even fair that one person could be gorgeous, smart, funny, and kind? Unbelievable.

99. The fact you managed to find me out of all the people in the world really makes me believe we were meant to be with each other.

100. I miss your face. When will I get to cuddle up with you again?

Do Gemini Men Like to Be Texted?

If you want a Gemini man to fall for you, you should focus on how you communicate with him. Since the typical Gemini man loves communication, it is important to send texts, call him, and get a conversation going. Through the best texts for a Gemini man, you can start building a relationship with your Gemini boyfriend or crush.

Unlike other zodiac signs, the Gemini man will typically respond right away. This good communicator will pay attention to what you say, so be thoughtful about what you text him. If he is really digging your flirty texts for a Gemini man, don’t be surprised if your texting conversation lasts for hours.

How Do Gemini Men Communicate?

Gemini men are extremely intelligent, which is one of the reasons why they are such great communicators. Don’t be shocked if your Gemini sends you heartfelt messages and likes to engage in long conversations. While some Geminis prefer in-person communication over texts, most Geminis are fine with texting when they need to.

As an intellectual, a Gemini man is quite good with his words. He will almost always text back right away. If you don’t get an immediate response, it’s only because he is busy—if he were angry at you, you would definitely know it.

Are Gemini Men Bad at Texting?

How interested a Gemini is in texting depends on how much he cares about the relationship. If he isn’t interested in you yet, then even the best texts for a Gemini man won’t help you get a conversation going. Once he has decided you are worth his time, he will be more responsive to your texts.

At times, Gemini men can be quite indecisive. Until he makes a decision, this indecisiveness can make him seem inconstant and confusing. Be patient, use the top texts for a Gemini man, and wait for him to realize what a catch you are.

How Do You Attract a Gemini Men Over Text?

When it comes to attracting a Gemini man, you should focus on his mind and interests. He is quite intellectual, so he wants someone with who he can communicate on a deeper level. Romantic texts for a Gemini man should involve conversations about the things he cares about.

Because Gemini men are social butterflies, they generally like to open up about their passions. If he feels like he can share his creative side with you, the chances of having a relationship are higher. For longer conversations, you can always get some ideas about what to say by checking out the best love letters for Gemini men.s

How Do You Make a Gemini Men Feel Special?

To make your Gemini man feel like a million dollars, show that you are interested in learning about his ideas and passions. You should never bore a Gemini because boredom is something he hates above everything else. Other than sending flirty texts for Gemini men, you can also boost your relationship through gifts and by showing appreciation for the little things he does for you.

Through the best texts for a Gemini man, you can start a conversation and deepen your relationship. More importantly, texts are an easy way for you to demonstrate you care when you can’t actually be around him in person. With these texts, you can take the first step toward creating a lasting, positive relationship with your Gemini boyfriend or crush.







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