100 Texts for a Leo Woman

Because Leos are typically ambitious and goal-focused, they are generally not the first people you think of when you start looking for a date. While getting a Leo woman to settle down might be difficult, it is possible. As you work on developing your relationship, the best texts for a Leo woman can help.

The typical Leo woman is successful and knows what she wants out of life. When you talk to a Leo woman, you should do so with confidence. She’ll think better of you if you say what you mean and talk to her directly.

When it comes to the top texts for a Leo woman, you can flirt and have some fun. While other zodiac signs can read too much into typos or inaccurate phrases, Leo women rarely do. The courageous lioness is too confident in herself to spend time fretting over the wrong word or a delayed text. Consider taking this time to look through our various articles about 100 texts for each zodiac sign as well.

While texting a Leo woman is a great way to build a good relationship with a Leo woman, figuring out what to say can be a challenge. The following romantic texts for a Leo woman can help you brainstorm the perfect thing to say. Once you get the conversation going, your Leo won’t be shy about keeping up her side of the conversation. Should you find that you are ready to learn more about this relationship, go through our entire series about how to have a healthy relationship with a Leo woman.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Leo Woman

1. You truly amaze me—I can’t believe I’m so lucky as to have someone like you in my life.

2. I loved the new shoes you were wearing today. You have such a stunning sense of style.

3. Each day, I thank the universe that you came into my life.

4. I love the way your clothes hug the curves of your body. I’m quickly becoming jealous of your dress—can I trade places with it?

5. I was just thinking about how impossible it was to stop looking at you when we first met. I think we should recreate that meeting tonight. 😉

6. Sometimes, I wish I was half as brave as you.

7. Did you notice how everyone in the room found it impossible to keep their eyes off of you? I can’t say that I blame them—when you enter the room, it’s impossible to turn my eyes away from you.

8. Your courage gives me strength to overcome any obstacle.

9. I have to admit your new outfit really wowed me.

10. While I love the way you look in your dress, I really must admit that I’d rather see it on the floor.

11. It’s easy to spot you whenever I walk into the room because you are always the life of the party.

12. You are so unbelievably charismatic that everyone around you seems drawn to your side.

13. Hey, gorgeous. How did your day go? I couldn’t think about anything other than you. When can I see you again?

14. How am I so lucky? Who else gets to be with a woman who is charismatic, intelligent, and stunningly gorgeous?

15. It was wonderful getting to be with you yesterday. If you text me your favorite meal, I’d love to cook you dinner at my place tonight.

16. Have I told you how sexy you are today? I’m literally counting the minutes until I can see you again.

16. I’m struggling to decide if I like your lips or eyes more. Can I see you tonight to decide?

17. You are one of the most intelligent, kind people that I have ever met. I am so thankful that you are a part of my life.

18. I don’t have a lot of time, but I just wanted you to know that I love you. 🙂

19. I hope your day is as stunning as you are.

20. The only thing I can focus on right now is the way your gorgeous body feels when it is pressed against mine. Come on over, and make my fantasies a reality.

21. I think you are truly amazing. Miss you.

22. It is impossible for me to stop thinking about you! All of my friends think I’m nuts because I keep grinning like crazy every time I think about you.

23. Tonight is going to be all about you. Tell me what you want, get creative, and let’s have some fun!

24. I was just sitting here when thoughts of you suddenly popped into my mind. When I thought about how funny and adorable you are, I couldn’t stop grinning.

25. What are you doing tonight? Hint: The answer rhymes with “me” . . . oh, wait.

26. Hey, beautiful. A memory of you popped into my mind, so I just wanted to text you to say hello.

27. When I just heard (insert song title), it instantly made me think of you.

28. I can’t stop thinking about just how amazing you are.

29. OMG! I just remembered (insert inside joke) and started laughing. Everyone around me must think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.

30. Fun fact: Whenever you walk into a room, my heart melts. Just the thought of you turns my cheeks red.

31. I think every mistake in my life was worthwhile because all of them led to being with you today.

32. I love you more than you will ever know.

33. You are so hot. I can’t stop thinking about the way my skin tingles when you touch me.

34. Do you remember (insert special memory together)? I keep thinking about how much fun we had and how I’m just so lucky that you are a part of my life.

35. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and miss having you near me.

36. Hey, don’t spend so much time thinking about me. 😉

37. I wonder just how horrible my life would have been if I hadn’t met you. Thankfully, I never have to find out now.

38. No matter how bad my day was, your smile manages to make everything alright again.

39. How is a woman like you still single?

40. You’re like a tornado—you just blow me away.

41. I looked—there isn’t a single word in the dictionary that encapsulates your beauty.

42. I just saw the new pic you added. You are looking more gorgeous than ever.

43. I have a horrible problem. No matter what I do, I just can’t get you off of my mind.

44. The only reason I’m okay with falling asleep without you is that I know I’ll get to have you in my arms again tomorrow.

45. I wish I could hold you tight instead of just wishing you a good night.

46. I hope your day is as lovely as you are.

47. I hate saying good night because it sounds like I’m praising the time we will be apart.

48. The only reason I look forward to going to bed is that I might get to see you in my dreams tonight.

49. I wish I could wake up to your smile tomorrow.

50. My face hurts from smiling so much at the thought of you. Sweet dreams, my love.

51. Thoughts of you are giving me insomnia. I can’t sleep when all I can think about is your lips against mine.

52. I have an endless to-do list to get done, but I keep getting distracted from everything by thoughts of you.

53. I wish you were next to me so that I could give you a kiss good night.

54. Trying to fall asleep is impossible when I can’t stop thinking about you.

55. You should send me a pic, so I can tell Santa what I want on my wish list.

56. If you were in my arms tonight, you’d discover what it really means to get cozy under the covers. Good night and sweet dreams!

57. You were the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. How are you doing today?

58. If I dream about you, will you dream about me tonight?

59. I’m having a problem sleeping because I miss you and forgot to say I love you.

60. I think it is impossible for you to understand just how much I need to hear your voice each day.

61. It’s impossible for me to express my love for you in words, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

62. Flirting with you in texts is fun, but it really makes me miss being able to just lean over and kiss you.

63. Thinking of you is enough to brighten my entire day.

64. When I can’t find the words to say how amazing you’ve been, you should just tell me to come and give you a kiss.

65. I wanted to ask you out, but then I figured I should probably start by sending a text and working my way up to it.

66. Your hand fits inside of mine like it was made for it.

67. Everyone here must think I’m drunk because I’m just so intoxicated by the thought of you.

68. I’m still working like crazy, but I wanted to take a break to say good night to the most important person in my life.

69. I feel comfortable when I am around you.

70. You are always on my mind. Wishing you a good night.

71. How is the most gorgeous woman on the planet doing this morning?

72. My life is perfect, but that is only because I get to spend it with you.

73. I might not be the world’s greatest photographer, but I can definitely picture us together forever.

74. If I took you on a date, where should we go?

75. You’ve seen me at my best and worst. Yet, you keep loving me anyway. You are truly amazing.

76. Do you want to be swept off your feet anytime soon?

77. I bet you looked this amazing when you woke up this morning.

78. Last night was fun, and I just can’t wait to see you again.

79. I just wish that you were here next to me.

80. Can you sneak away from work to grab a coffee with me?

81. Now that I’ve finally worked up the courage to message you, I’m going to be staring obsessively staring at my phone until it lights up with your response.

82. I’ve been trying to brainstorm a reason to get a celebratory drink together. It must be someone’s birthday somewhere, so let’s toast to that.

83. If I were the last guy left on the planet, would you date me?

84. My dog just wanted you to know that he really misses you.

85. I like you. Now, what do you want to do about it?

86. Do you want to see me again? Type “Y” for yes.

87. I hope you think my willingness to text first is an attractive quality in a guy.

88. Seeing my phone light up with a text from you always makes me grin like crazy.

89. Would you rather get pushed out of a plane without a parachute or go on a date with me this weekend?

90. I’m bored. Want to head out on a grand adventure?

91. Of all your gorgeous curves, your smile will always be my favorite one.

92. While I love getting to be your friend, I was wondering if you ever wanted to be something more.

93. Can I be your genie for one night? I’ll grant all of your wishes. 😉

94. You are everything that I want and need out of life.

95. Any plans after work today? Because I might have a few ideas.

96. I can’t believe how crazy the world is now. It makes me just want to cuddle up at home with you.

97. You are the last thing I think about before I go to sleep each night.

98. Can you stop being so incredibly beautiful? It’s driving me insane.

99. I never thought that I’d like anyone this much. It’s like every thought I have each day revolves entirely around you.

100. I’m going to give up on sleeping tonight. As long as thoughts of you are on my mind, I can’t go to sleep.

Do Leo Women Like to Be Texted?

Leo women generally like to be texted, and they will text you back when they have time. However, don’t be surprised if she gets busy and doesn’t respond right away. The good news is that she won’t expect you to respond immediately to her texts either.

When it comes to relationships, Leo women are generally not interested in committing right away. Because of this, romantic texts for a Leo woman should focus on flirting with her or keeping a conversation going. Until the Leo decides the time is right to commit, a commitment won’t happen.

How Do Leo Women Communicate?

Leo women love to communicate with everyone around them, but this communication is often mono-directional. The lioness will roar out her feelings on stage without any shyness, but she won’t always stop and listen long enough to hear what other people have to say. Obviously, this can lead to some problems in a relationship.

When it comes to her love language, the typical Leo will generally like physical touch and affection. While texts for a Leo woman are always an added benefit, you should focus on showing your love through physical means (at least, once you have reached that point in your relationship). And never, ever read too much into the fact that Leos don’t always respond right away to your texts.

How Do You Make a Leo Woman Feel Special?

Leo women normally dislike the status quo, so you need to personalize anything you do to win her heart. A standard box of chocolates or pretty flowers won’t be enough to win your Leo over. Since her love language is physical, you may want to try a spa day, a personal massage, or a big hammock for two bodies to share. Leos love being treated like royalty, so try showering her with jewelry and her favorite gemstones.

Through romantic and flirty texts for a Leo woman, you can show how much you care for your partner. Leos love to be admired, so your texts should include compliments about your Leo’s best qualities. By learning how to communicate with a Leo, you can create a strong, long-lasting relationship.







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