100 Texts for a Libra Man

As an air sign, Libra men are known as social butterflies. These chatty, social fellows are quite receptive to flirty texts for a Libra man. If you aren’t able to chat up your favorite Libra in person, he’ll happily get a conversation going with you via text.

When it comes to love and romance, Libra men are true romantics who genuinely want to find a partner they can love forever. They also like to be charmed, wined, and dined by their date, so don’t be afraid to use one of the top texts for a Libra man to get closer to your special guy. If you want to go into further detail about nourishing this bond, feel free to go through our page about how to have a healthy relationship with a Libra man.

If you are texting a Libra man, focus on balancing the number of texts you send with the number you receive. Libras like balance in everything, so he won’t want to receive an extensive ode to his eyelashes in response to a short text about a problem at work. If you are having trouble figuring out sweet texts for a Libra man, read on to get some ideas. Be sure to learn about other signs as well by going through our core article about 100 texts for each zodiac sign.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Libra Man

1. I know you’re probably worried and thinking about later today, but you don’t have to worry—I know you’ll be wonderful!

2. I love you so much! I can’t wait to see you later.

3. When I just heard (insert song name), it made me think of you. 🙂

4. Are your cheeks blushing yet? Because I can’t stop telling all of my friends about you.

5. I love hearing your views on the world. Whenever I can’t figure something out, I know you are just the person to ask!

6. Tell me your secret. I’ve never met someone who had brains and beauty, and then you walked into my life.

7. I didn’t think it was possible to be so smart and charming, but then I was lucky enough to meet you.

8. Each time thoughts of you cross my mind, it makes me smile.

9. I saw someone I thought was you, and my heart leaped before I realized they weren’t you. How are you doing, lovely?

10. How is it possible for someone to be so attractive?

11. I’m so excited to see you later, and I’m not just excited about eating dinner. 😉

12. I know you’ll be wonderful at (insert activity or event) because you always are!

13. I love talking to you so often because you’re so smart and creative.

14. Do you remember when you saw e for the first time? Because I still remember every detail about how you looked that day.

15. Getting to spend time with you today was decidedly the highlight of my entire week.

16. Are you blushing yet? With how much I’m bragging about you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked like a lobster right now.

17. If you come over to see me tonight, you can see how I look in an apron and enjoy a meal made by your personal chef. 😉

18. No matter what happens, I always have your back.

19. Do you ever have bad hair days? I don’t think it’s possible for you to ever look bad.

20. Guess what? You are the best at (insert activity), and you amaze me more and more every day.

21. I am so lucky to be with the kindest person I know.

22. Don’t forget—I’m always your top fan!

23. You know, you basically fulfill all of my wildest dreams.

24. Yesterday reminded me again that I am so incredibly lucky to have you as a part of my life.

25. I want you to know that I believe you are an exceptionally thoughtful, charming man. I love you!

26. Thank you for being the one person I can always count on.

27. Somehow, you manage to amaze me more and more each day.

28. I just can’t stop thinking about your kisses. You truly are an amazing kisser.

29. You are so good about listening whenever there is a problem. I think that’s why so many people try to help you when you have an issue.

30. I’m counting down the minutes until I can be in your arms again.

31. I love how you compile data and carefully review the facts before you make any decision. It’s one of the reasons why I always know you’ll make the right choice.

32. No matter what happens in life, I’m behind you 100%!

33. When someone is as gorgeous and charming as you, life comes easy.

34. I wanted you to know I’m always here for you, so you don’t have to deal with anything by yourself.

35. Are you struggling to focus on anything other than memories of last night? Because I am.

36. You fill my life with so much joy. Thank you for all of the amazing things you do for me.

37. I am so blessed to have you as a part of my life.

38. My heart starts dancing with joy as soon as I see a text from you on my phone.

39. Other people must be so jealous of you because they can clearly see how much better you are.

40. You are such a wonderful human being! Your charisma draws everyone toward you like a magnet as soon as you enter a room.

41. Your passion for your hobbies is one of the reasons why I love you so much.

42. I think it’s impossible to think about anything other than you, so I decided to just give in and send you a text. How’s the most amazing man in the world doing?

43. Each day we spend together is another chance for me to learn a new fact about you. Each new detail just makes me fall in love with you again and again.

44. It might be challenging for me today, but I feel so relaxed when I remember that I’ll get to see you later on. Whether today works out or not, at least I’ll spend tonight in your arms.

45. I keep thinking about how your lips feel against mine. When will we get to be together again?

46. If I had to choose between (insert favorite hobby or interest) and you, I’d choose you each time.

47. I don’t really like most people. Luckily, you are entirely different than anyone I’ve ever met.

48. I’d like to get dinner with you again. When are you available?

49. When I wake up each morning, the first thing I do is look to see if there is a new text from you on my phone.

50. You are gorgeous, kind, and charismatic. I have no clue why you decided to be with me, but I’ll keep working each day until I one day deserve to be with you.

51. I don’t know what I did to be so lucky. While I know I don’t deserve you, I still think I’m so lucky to call you mine.

52. I know it was difficult today. Would a foot massage tonight help?

53. What’s your favorite meal? I’d like to try making it for you tonight.

54. Hey, sunshine! I think we can blame you for all the rain. As soon as the sun saw your radiance, it was too ashamed to come out!

55. I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to text right after a first date, but I can’t help myself. I really enjoyed tonight, and I’d love to meet up again sometime.

56. You should give me a warning before you upload a new profile pic because now I can’t focus on anything other than how amazing you look.

57. I wanted to write out all of the reasons why I love you, and I quickly ran out of space. Instead, I think I’ll just tell you I love you.

58. I love the way you stand up for what you believe in.

59. I’m kind of glad you aren’t here right now, or you’d see how ridiculously I smiled when I saw the text you sent me.

60. Hey, what are your plans this weekend? Better yet, am I in any of your plans?

61. You clearly don’t know how adorable you are. I think every woman who meets you secretly wants to start dating you.

62. We should do something fun. Are you interested in going on an adventure?

63. I’ve been trying to guess just how many texts I’ll need to send before you will finally say just how much you like being with me. 😉

64. I don’t like playing games, so I’ll just say: I love when you send me texts in the morning. Don’t stop.

65. You really make me want to become a better person. I think that’s why I care about you so much.

66. After a long day, the only thing I want is a kiss and hug from you.

67. Somehow, just the sight of you manages to take my breath away.

68. I’d like to know—have we reached the point where I should delete my dating app? Because I’m not really interested in seeing someone else.

69. If I made a list of my top five favorite people, you’d be at the very top.

70. I really hate having to see movies by myself. Do you want to join me?

71. In my dreams, you always tell me just how much you care for me. Then, we get to live happily ever and never have to leave the bed. 😉

72. I am so unbelievably excited. In a short amount of time, I’ll be in your arms again.

73. Have you noticed how I can’t stop looking at you constantly? What are you going to do about it?

74. If we didn’t have phones, I’d literally die from impatience as I waited for the mailman each day.

75. I have to say, loving you is quickly becoming the only goal I care about in life.

76. Do you have any more room in your bed for me?

77. Why can’t I focus on anything other than you?

78. It’s got to be illegal to look that good!

79. If you don’t want to pencil me in your schedule later, you could always just show up at my place now. 😉

80. I am just so thankful that I met you! I love you!

81. Every time I hear another song on Pandora, it always makes me think about you.

82. The sound of your voice is heavenly. It’s literally music to my ears.

83. The moment we met is the moment when my life gained added meaning.

84. If you aren’t busy this weekend, I could always find ways to fill your schedule. 😉

85. If the sun quit shining tomorrow, your gorgeous radiance could easily do its job.

86. Whether everything works out today or not, just know I’m here to celebrate or be a shoulder to cry on after it is all over with.

87. Morning, sunshine! I’m hoping your day is as amazing as you are!

88. You are seriously the only person I know who manages to look better without an Instagram filter.

89. I’m mesmerized by you, and it’s impossible to think about anything else.

90. I always thought we should try taking a science class together because we clearly have amazing chemistry.

91. You’ve surely noticed how attracted I am to you. Do you want to make the next move or can I?

92. I keep glancing over at my phone to see if you’ve texted me. I’ve officially given up and decided to send you a text instead. How are you doing?

93. I spent all day trying to get the courage to send you a text, so please don’t make me wait all day for a response. 😉

94. You don’t even know how boring my life would be if you weren’t a part of it.

95. If you were at my house right now, we could enjoy a wild party for two. 😉

96. I swear you’re a ghost because I still manage to see a phantom of you whenever I close my eyes.

97. I saw your profile pic, and now I have one question. Why haven’t you taken up a career in modeling?

98. I just finished a book that I think you’d really like. Want to get together for dinner, and you can pick it up?

99. I know you are probably super exhausted by this point, but I just can’t stop talking to you.

100. I think I was able to successfully meditate for about five minutes before I got distracted by memories of you.

Do Libra Men Like to Be Texted?

Libra men are known for their gentle souls. Since they love the harmonious exchange of thoughts and ideas, they generally love to be texted. In general, the best texts for a Libra man are ones that involve some flirting and remind him that you are deeply in love with him.

Basically, everyone is attracted to the charming Libra man at some point, but only a select group of people can end up being with them. To keep this man’s interest, you should make your texts balance the length and attitude of his texts. He likes a balanced mix of ideas, so he won’t want to get an epic ode in response to a short comment.

How Do You Make a Libra Man Feel Special?

Libra men enjoy getting surprises, so don’t be afraid to bring him small gifts or foods that made you think of him. To make your Libra man feel like a million dollars, be sure to give him an ample amount of independence, and don’t forget that Libras love physical contact. Just don’t be clingy because Libras like independent partners and can’t handle any signs of neediness.

During your day-to-day life, you can use the best texts for a Libra man to show how much you care for him. Other than cute texts for a Libra man, you can also buy him gifts or write him love letters. Make sure he starts each day with a sweet text, and he’ll never doubt your commitment to the relationship.







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