100 Texts for a Libra Woman

Because they are air signs, Libra women are generally chatty and social by nature. That means flirty and romantic texts for a Libra woman are always a great idea. When you can’t chat in person, a text allows you to keep the conversation going and show that you are still thinking about your Libra lady.

In terms of her personality, the Libra woman is generally a romantic at heart. She wants someone who genuinely loves her and doesn’t have a problem showing that love. However, she generally prefers a balanced exchange of texts, so don’t send her an epic poem in response to a question about getting dinner.

Libra women love being charmed by a gallant date, so don’t be afraid to send her one of the following top texts for a Libra woman. These texts can be used as they are written, or you can adjust them for that special Libra in your life. If you are looking for more, consider reading our article about 100 texts for each zodiac sign.

Consider taking this opportunity to read through about entire series about how to have a healthy relationship with a Libra woman. You will find that researching this subject will ensure that the two of you develop an enduring, romantic bond.

The 100 Best Text Messages for a Libra Woman

1. Each time I think of you, it brings a smile to my face.

2. Getting to hang out with you was literally the highlight of my week.

3. I never thought anyone could be so charming and intelligent, but then I met you.

4. You amaze me more and more every day.

5. How did you get to be so attractive?

6. What’s your secret? I didn’t think anyone was lucky enough to have beauty and brains, but then I met you.

7. I love that you are one of the kindest and thoughtful people that I know.

8. I love getting to talk to you so much because you’re so creative and intelligent.

9. You have such an interesting take on the world. Whenever I have a problem, I know that I’ll get some kind of unique insight if I run it by you first.

10. You know, you are in basically every one of my daydreams.

11. I’m so excited about tonight, and I’m not just talking about getting to have dinner with you. 😉

12. Are your ears red yet? Because I’ve totally been bragging about you to all of my friends.

13. Do you remember the first time you saw me? Because I still remember exactly what you were wearing.

14. I just heard (insert song) on the radio, and it reminded me of you.

15. I’m literally counting down the hours until I get to see you again.

16. I just saw something that reminded me of you. How are you doing today?

17. I know you’ll do amazing at (insert event) because you always do!

18. I just wanted you to know how much I love you.

19. You know what? You are the best person at (insert activity), and I’m so impressed by you.

20. I just want to remind you that I’m here for you, so you never have to go through anything on your own.

21. I know you were probably worried today, but you shouldn’t be. I know that you’ll do amazing!

22. When someone is as smart, charming, and beautiful as you, everything in life is bound to be easy.

23. Never forget that I’m you’re number one fan!

24. I have to say, I don’t think you’ve ever had a bad hair day in your entire life. You look gorgeous.

25. I can’t stop thinking about my lips against yours. When can I see you next?

26. If you tell me your favorite meal, I’d love to make it for you tonight.

27. Just know that I always have your back.

28. I can’t get my mind off of your kisses. You really are an amazing kisser.

29. If you come over tonight, you can see what I look like in an apron and enjoy a meal made by your personal chef. 😉

30. No matter what happens, I will always be here for you 100%!

31. I love the way you gather every important fact and piece of data before you jump into everything. It’s one of the reasons why I know that you’ll always make the best decisions.

32. Are your cheeks turning red yet? I’ve been bragging about you so much that I’m surprised you aren’t a lobster yet.

33. You are always so great about listening to everyone else around you when you need advice. I think it’s why so many people want to help you out when you have a problem.

34. Thank you for being the one person who is always there for me.

35. It may have been a difficult day for me today, but I feel so relaxed now. In just a short amount of time, I’ll get to have the most gorgeous woman in the world in my arms again!

36. I feel so lucky to have you as a part of my life!

37. I just wanted you to know that I think you are an incredibly charismatic, thoughtful woman.

38. Each day that we get to be together is another chance for me to learn an amazing new detail about you. Whenever I learn something new, it just makes me fall in love with you all over again.

39. I love all of the things you do for me. You make my life truly amazing.

40. Yesterday was just another reminder of how lucky I am to have you in my life.

41. Hey, sunshine! I think you made it rain today because the sun was too ashamed to show its face next to your shining radiance.

42. I find it impossible to take my mind off of you, so I decided to give up and send you a text instead.

43. Are you having a hard time thinking about anything other than last night? Because I am.

44. I know today was hard, but I can give you a foot massage tonight to make it all better.

45. I love how you always stand up for the people and things you believe in!

46. Your passion for the things you care about is one of the reasons why I feel so passionately about you.

47. I have no clue how one guy can be so lucky. I know I know I’ll never deserve you, and I am just so thankful to have you in my life.

48. You make me want to be a better person, which is just one of the reasons why I love you so much.

49. You are such an amazing person! Whenever you walk into the room, everyone is instantly drawn to your charismatic personality.

50. I can barely contain my excitement. In just a few more minutes, I will get to hold you again.

51. You are intelligent, attractive, and kind. I don’t know why you’d choose to be with me, but I’ll do everything I can to one day deserve you.

52. Everyone you meet must be insanely jealous of you because you outclass them in every way.

53. I wake up each morning hoping that there’s a text from you on my phone.

54. When my phone lights up with a text from you, my heart starts dancing out of sheer joy.

55. I was trying to write down all of the reasons why I loved you, then I realized that I’d need an entire book to do my list justice. Instead, I just want to say I love you. 🙂

56. I want to have another dinner date with you. When are you free?

57. You must have noticed how I can’t stop myself from looking at you all the time. What do you want to do about it?

58. You really need to warn me when you upload a new pic because now I can’t seem to do anything other than look at your photos.

59. I don’t like a lot of people, but you are decidedly unlike everyone else.

60. I wonder how many texts I’ll have to send before you’re willing to say how much you like me. 😉

61. If I had to pick between (insert favorite game or match) and you, I’d pick you every time.

62. I hate playing games, so just text me every morning. 😉

63. They say you aren’t supposed to text immediately after a first date, but I just can’t stop myself. I had an amazing time, and I’d love to get to see you again.

64. In my dreams, you tell me how much you love me, and we get to live happily ever after together.

65. I don’t suppose you have any extra room on your bed for me?

66. Let’s do something fun. Are you ready for an adventure?

67. I hate watching movies on my own. Care to join me?

68. I swear that you must be a ghost because I can still see your image each time I shut my eyes.

69. Clearly, you have no understanding of just how cute you are. Literally, everyone who meets you wants to date you.

70. You must have noticed how attracted I am to you. Are you going to make the next move or should I?

71. You are definitely in my top five list of favorite people.

72. What are your plans for this weekend? More importantly, am I in them?

73. Why is it that I just can’t get you off of my mind?

74. How is it even legal to look that cute?

75. I’m secretly glad you aren’t here, or you would see how stupidly I smile at every text I get from you.

76. So . . . are we at the point where I can delete my dating apps? Because I see no reason to look for anyone else.

77. I know you must be exhausted by now, but I just can’t bring myself to end the conversation.

78. Loving you is currently my only goal in life.

79. Your voice is like heavenly music to my ears.

80. Just seeing you always manages to take my breath away.

81. If you come over now, we could have a wild party for two. 😉

82. All I need after a long day is a hug and a kiss from you.

83. If it weren’t for phones, I think I’d die from impatience as I waited at the mailbox for a letter from you each day.

84. I always thought that we should take a science class together because we have such great chemistry.

85. Whether today goes great or not, I’ll be here to give you a celebratory or conciliatory massage when it’s all over with.

86. It is hard to describe just how boring my life would be if you weren’t a part of it.

87. Each song I hear on Pandora seems to remind me of you.

88. You have me mesmerized, and I can’t think of anything else.

89. I managed to meditate for five minutes before thoughts of you distracted me again.

90. If the sun decided to quit its job, your radiance could easily replace it.

91. I am so thankful that I met you.

92. I saw your pics, and I demand an answer: why aren’t you in modeling yet?

93. It took me all day to work up the courage to text you first, so please don’t make me wait forever for a reply.

94. I read a book that I thought you would like. Do you want to meet for dinner and pick it up?

95. You are the only person I’ve ever met who looks better without a filter.

96. If you don’t have any plans this weekend, I could make some for you.

97. You should pencil me in your schedule. Or just come over now. 🙂

98. I keep staring at my phone and hoping for a text from you. Finally, I gave up and decided to text first. How are you today?

99. Morning, beautiful! Here’s to wishing that today is as wonderful as you are!

100. The moment I met you is the moment my life gained meaning.

Do Libra Women Like to Be Texted?

In general, Libra women love to be texted. They are kind, gentle souls who enjoy a balanced, harmonious exchange of ideas. The best texts for a Libra woman help to remind her that you care for her and involve a bit of flirting.

Many people want to be with this charming zodiac sign, but few people get to ensnare a Libra. When texting a Libra woman, you should focus on matching her general tone and text length. If she sends you a paragraph, you should respond with about a paragraph of text.

How Do You Attract a Libra Woman Over Text?

Libra women are attracted to gallant, charming men or women who are ready to slay dragons and go on quests to the ends of the earth to win her heart. As an intelligent, socially adept woman, she wants someone who can carry on an engaging conversation about the latest books or movies. If you are texting a Libra woman, you should try getting her opinions on her favorite hobbies, books, or ideas.

To attract a Libra woman over text, you should show that you are intellectually and socially curious like she is. The top texts for a Libra woman will reveal your charming nature. Through these texts, you should show that you love her and are committed to being with her.

How Do You Make a Libra Woman Feel Special?

Libra women love surprises, so don’t be afraid to get her a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful piece of art just because! If you want your Libra woman to feel special, you can also give her plenty of independence, avoid getting clingy, and show her that she is the person you want to be with. Since many Libras love physical contact, a foot or hand massage is generally a great idea.

To show your Libra girlfriend or wife how special she is in your daily life, you can always send her one of the cutest texts for a Libra woman. These texts show your partner that you are thinking about her, even when you can’t be close to her at the moment. With the best texts for a Libra woman, you can reaffirm your commitment and give her something to smile about.







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