100 Texts for an Aquarius Woman

Known for her honesty and creativity, the Aquarius woman is constantly surrounded by fun and excitement. She is often a high achiever at work, but that is generally due to her desire to find new, interesting things.

In a relationship, the Aquarius woman needs her independence and freedom. If she feels caged or hemmed in, the relationship won’t last for long. She’ll eventually settle down, but it’ll take her time to come to that decision. Once you realize that you are serious about this connection, be certain to read our article about how to have a healthy relationship with an Aquarius woman.

If you want your relationship to grow stronger, try sending the best texts for an Aquarius woman. Romantic texts for an Aquarius woman show your partner that you love without making her feel caged. To get started, we have made a list of the top 100 Aquarius texts. Additionally, you should consider reading our series about 100 texts for each zodiac sign.

The 100 Best Text Messages for an Aquarius Woman

1. I love the way you challenge me to become a better person.

2. Hey, can you explain how you can be so ridiculously good at (insert unique talent)?

3. I can’t wait until (insert event) so that I can share that experience with you!

4. I love you just the way you are. Never change.

5. I like the way you speak your mind and are never afraid of rustling a few feathers.

6. Whenever we walk into a room, it’s like everyone is instantly drawn to you. You really are the life of the party, you know that?

7. Thank you for being such a kind, loving person.

8. You really have a way with words!

9. Your compassion and support make a world of difference to me.

10. I love how you are always there for me.

11. The one thing I love about you is how you are always willing to march to the beat of your own drum.

12. Each day, being around you impresses me more and more.

13. I love what a trendsetter you are!

14. I’m so glad to be with a woman who goes after what she wants in life. Being with you makes me want to achieve more.

15. I love how independent you are. You always know exactly what to do.

16. Other than your amazing fashion game, I also admire how compassionate you are.

17. You are so incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for being you.

18. I have a problem, and I was hoping your creativity would give me the perfect solution. Care to help?

19. Thank you for the way you inspire me to be myself. Being with you makes me a better person!

20. I need a new adventure. Care to join?

21. If I went skydiving, would you go with me?

22. I was looking at all the texts you’ve sent me, and now my cheeks hurt like crazy from smiling.

23. I dreamed of you last night, and I woke up with a gigantic smile on my face.

24. You are so unconventional. I love how you really shake things up.

25. I’m always amazed by the things you are able to teach yourself. You are so talented.

26. TBH, I think you’re the funniest person I know.

27. Getting to be around you is a chance to fill each day with adventures and fun.

28. You make my life worth living.

29. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I immediately start counting down the minutes until I can see you again.

30. Never forget to keep doing ‘you’ because you have the most special path of all.

31. I’d love an opportunity to learn more about you. Do you want to meet up for coffee some afternoon?

32. I’m just blown away by how charismatic you are. I’ve never gotten to know anyone like you before.

33. I love how you tell it like it is. I never have to question whether you are telling me the truth.

34. I’m so bored—want to plan a big adventure with me this weekend?

35. How can one person be gorgeous, charismatic, and smart? Life just isn’t fair.

36. By the way, I seriously think you are one of my favorite humans on the planet.

37. I’m thanking my lucky stars that you’re so smart because I seriously need some help with my homework.

38. Who knew someone could get beauty and brains?

39. You really liven up any party. 🙂

40. I just remembered something we did forever ago, and I was thinking about how the only reason I had such a great time is that you were there with me.

41. I saw this and thought of you (insert a cute meme).

42. You are so funny. I was just thinking about (insert memory) when we just couldn’t quit laughing.

43. If you looked up the word ‘charismatic’ in the dictionary, I think you’ll find your picture there!

44. I never seem to get bored of admiring you. Each day, you do something new and amazing.

45. I know you’re always working on a new goal, but I’d love getting to have lunch with you whenever you have some time.

46. I wanted to see how the most amazing woman in the world is doing today. 🙂

47. With your fashion sense, I’m sure you’re wearing a killer outfit today. What are you wearing? I’d love to see pics. 🙂

48. Out of all the people in the world, what did I do to deserve a woman like you?

49. I know how busy you are, but I’d love a chance to see you again. When are you free for dinner next?

50. All of my friends keep telling me how incredibly lucky I am to have you in my life, and I completely agree. You are truly wonderful.

51. Your smile is contagious. Whenever I see it, I spend the next few hours grinning like crazy.

52. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

53. I love hearing your ideas because they’re just another reminder of how intelligent and creative you are.

54. I saw your latest profile pic. You look hotter than ever!

55. Want to watch a movie this weekend with me?

56. If aliens invaded, do you think they’d be willing to keep us as pets?

57. Congrats on your latest accomplishment! You are truly amazing!

58. How are you feeling today? I’d feel better if I could see you later. 🙂

59. You are going to be amazed by the dinner I made for you!

60. I was hoping you’d have some time to help me with a problem since you’re such a great listener.

61. If you’re free tonight, I’d love to cook you dinner. What’s your favorite dish?

62. I just heard a song that made me think of you. What are you up to?

63. I was thinking of getting a new cologne. Care to give me some tips?

64. You looked gorgeous in your dress today.

65. It seems like I can’t leave you alone for 5 minutes without you making a new friend. You are such a friendly person. 🙂

66. I wanted to go ice skating today. Are you interested?

67. I was hoping to try out a new book. Do you have any good ideas?

68. You love (insert genre), right? Do you have any recommendations?

69. Whenever I think about you, it brings a gigantic smile to my face. Everyone around me must think that I’m totally nuts.

70. When will I see you next? I think my dog misses you.

71. I can’t sleep well because you’re always on my mind. What are you doing right now?

72. Did you want to go on a new hike this weekend?

73. Do you want to make a trade? I’ll honestly answer any three questions you ask if you answer three of my questions as well.

74. Hey, beautiful. I really miss seeing your face.

75. I wish that everyone I worked with like you because this project would already be done. 🙁

76. You + Me + Homemade Dinner. Are you ready?

77. I saw you in my dreams last night. Did you want to hear about it?

78. I hope your day is as amazingly wonderful as you are.

79. I loved hearing all of your thoughts on (insert subject). You really gave me a new perspective.

80. I’m so chilly right now—I wish you were here to warm me up!

81. Getting to talk to you always relaxes me. You’re the one person I feel like I can open up to.

82. So is too early to start sexting? Just kidding. Unless you want to. 😉

83. I would never have thought of such great ideas. You are so incredibly creative.

84. I am the luckiest man in the world. How did I get someone who is smart, beautiful, and thoughtful?

85. Your magnetic personality really draws people to you.

86. I know I don’t deserve you, but I plan on doing everything I can to one day be the kind of guy who does.

87. I’m short on time today, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I loved you.

88. If you could travel to one place in the entire world, where would you go?

89. I love how the only opinion you listen to is your own—your independence and confidence inspire me.

90. If only dreams were wishes and wishes were true, because, in all of my dreams, I get to be with you.

91. As soon as I saw you for the first time, I knew there was something special about you.

92. The first time I met you I realized that you were going to completely change my life. I just didn’t realize by how much.

93. My battery might be dying, but I wanted to use all the power I have left to say I love you.

94. I want to go for a drive this weekend and find new roads or places. Want to come?

95. I heard there was a new pottery painting place in town. Want to go with me?

96. If I started counting now, it would take me an eternity to count all of the ways that I love you.

97. Being around you is like having my birthday and Christmas at the same time.

98. My heart feels light and happy whenever you are around. I never want that feeling to stop.

99. It seems like the fun never stops when you are around. I love getting to be around such an interesting person.

100. Being with you has made me whole. I never realized that a piece of my heart was missing until I met you.

Do Aquarius Women Like to Be Texted?

Yes and no. If she happens to see your text (and actually remember that she saw it), she’ll probably be touched. This social butterfly keeps an impressively busy schedule, so there are decent odds she won’t even get the text.

Because Aquarius women are so busy, the best texts for an Aquarius woman are simple reminders that you love her and care about her. You don’t want to be too mushy or intense with your texts because it can be perceived as clingy—and an Aquarius doesn’t want to be rushed into any commitment. If there is something you really need to discuss with her, your chances of finishing the conversation are better in person.

How Do Aquarius Women Communicate?

The Aquarius is known as one of the best communicators of the zodiac. They can relax tense situations and add a bit of excitement to any room they enter. Because of this, Aquarius women tend to communicate extremely well with their lovers, friends, and family members.

An Aquarius woman prefers direct, meaningful communication. If you can intrigue her with an interesting topic, she’ll keep talking to you for hours. Cute texts for Aquarius women can perk her interest, and then you can follow up with a more in-depth discussion about a topic she cares about.

Are Aquarius Women Bad at Texting?

In many cases, Aquarius women are fairly poor texters. To have a good relationship with an Aquarius, you should give her plenty of independence and freedom. Above all, don’t get upset if she doesn’t text back right away.

While the top texts for an Aquarius woman will make her smile, she won’t always respond to them. This busy woman will likely get distracted before she can respond, or she’ll respond an hour later with a news article that reminded her of a totally different conversation you two had together. Don’t worry—your texts will still help show her how you feel whether she responds or not.

How Do You Attract an Aquarius Woman Over Text?

To attract an Aquarius woman with a text, you should say something intriguing or give her a genuine compliment. She loves adventures and fun, so you could always ask her on a weekend outing or trip. As a general rule, she wants someone who is honest and intelligent. She also prefers to date someone who started out as her friend.

Flirty texts for an Aquarius woman can help to get her attention, and they can show that you’d like to be with her as more than just another friend. Through romantic texts for an Aquarius woman, you can show that you have a fun, intellectual side to match her personality. If you need a more in-depth way to show off your feelings for her, you can always check out the top love letters for an Aquarius woman.

How Do You Make an Aquarius Woman Feel Special?

Care for an international trip or a weekend getaway? While these options will make your Aquarius feel well-loved, you can always try budget-friendly options, like a weekend at the museum, paragliding, or sailing. Adventures and shared experiences are generally the best options for making your Aquarius feel loved.

For a better day-to-day option, you can always send cute texts for an Aquarius woman. Through the best texts for an Aquarius woman, you can make your partner feel special. Over time, you can help her fall even more in love with you.







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