100 Texts for an Aries Woman

When it comes to an Aries woman, texts are a great way to communicate and show how much you care. This driven, impulsive woman is full of energy and always on the go, so she probably doesn’t have time to sit down for a long conversation. The following texts for an Aries woman can help you figure out the perfect thing to tell your partner to show how much you care.

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The 100 Best Text Messages for an Aries Woman

1. If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

2. I really don’t think I have the moves to attract a woman as wonderful as you. Would you show me some of your best moves instead?

3. I wanted you to know you looked amazing today. You really managed to take my breath away!

4. Hey, stranger. If you come on over, you won’t have to be a stranger anymore. 😉

5. Are you grinning yet or should I send you another text?

6. I just can’t seem to get thoughts of you out of my head. If you have time tonight, I’ll show you all of the ideas that were driving me crazy all day. 😉

7. I can’t remember when I held you last—come on over, and we can change that!

8. I can’t keep my eyes off of you tonight. Can I spend the night gazing into your eyes?

9. Just in case you were wondering, I’m single.

10. Do you prefer when the guy makes the first move or would you rather I come over tonight and give you a chance?

11. Hey, gorgeous! You look like a tornado today—you really blow me away.

12. I’m so happy knowing that, no matter how bad my day went, seeing you will always bring a smile to my face.

13. I hate to think about what my life would have been like if I hadn’t been with you. You make each day worth living. 🙂

14. Can you stop being so amazingly gorgeous for a minute because I just can’t handle it?

15. The one thing I’m wondering is: how could you possibly be single?

16. I looked through the whole dictionary, and there still isn’t a single word to describe just how gorgeous you are.

17. I was just thinking of your stunning curves, and I realized my favorite one: your smile. 🙂

18. I noticed you uploaded a new pic—you look sexier than ever!

19. It seems impossible to fall asleep tonight because I just can’t stop thinking about you.

20. Whenever your name appears on my phone screen, I start smiling like an idiot. I can’t wait to see you in person again.

21. I wish you were here because I don’t think I could even describe what is going on right now . . .

22. My to-do list just keeps getting longer, but I can’t accomplish anything because I keep thinking about you all of the time.

23. Do you think they’d give me medicine? Because I’m pretty certain something is wrong—I can’t stop thinking about you.

24. I just thought of the best date for us. Did you want to find out what it is? Or should it be a surprise? 😉

25. You were the first thing I thought of this morning, which is why I know it’s going to be a great day again.

26. The mere thought of you is enough to make my entire day the best ever.

27. If I had one wish, it would be to wake up next to your smile each and every day.

28. You were the first thought to cross my mind when I woke up this morning, so I know it’s going to be a good day.

29. There’d be a lot fewer angry people in the world if they all found someone as beautiful, kind, and intelligent as you to be with.

30. How is the most gorgeous woman on Earth doing this morning?

31. I have no clue what you’re going to wear today, but I know you look beautiful already.

32. I love how honest you are because I never have to wonder where I stand with you.

33. I can’t seem to figure out this assignment. Could you lend me a little of your creativity?

34. One of the first things I fell in love with was your go-getter nature. Your goal-driven approach to life inspires me to do more with my life.

35. Can you send me your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

36. I just can’t seem to get you off of my mind.

37. They say Einstein was a genius, but really, if he was so smart, why didn’t he make a time machine and ask you out first?

38. I woke up this morning with only thoughts of you on my mind.

39. I’m counting down the minutes until you can be in my arms again.

40. So I was wondering if you were free . . . for the rest of your life?

41. Sweet dreams, love—I hope we can meet again in your dreams tonight. 🙂

42. Did I sweep you off your feet or should I walk by you again?

43. If all my dreams come true, I would wake up next to you each morning.

44. Do you want to go on a date with me tonight? Type “Y” for Yes.

45. If you don’t want to date me, then could we at least be friends with benefits?

46. Do you like my pants or should I take them off?

47. It’s been hours, and I am still wearing the smile you gave me earlier.

48. I must say, I think God was trying to show off when he made you.

49. I like you. Now, what are you going to do about it?

50. I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin. I just can’t wait to see you again!

51. Seriously, how many flirty texts do I have to send you before you finally agree to a date with me? 😉

52. I’m not flirting. I’d just genuinely like to get to know you better. After that, it’s up to you.

53. I think you’re making me an insomniac. I literally can’t sleep at night because thoughts of you keep going across my mind.

54. Hey, angel. Let me in on a little secret: did it hurt much when you fell from heaven?

55. So tell me: what really turns you on? More importantly, how can I do that? 😉

56. It’s Saturday, and I’m completely bored at home. Want to join me for some fun?

57. I keep trying to stop myself from spending every waking moment thinking about you, but I fail every time.

58. Quick—tell me one thing I can text you right now so that you’ll fall in love with me forever.

59. I’m single. Are you single? Because you know what that means . . .

60. Tell me: what do you really think of me?

61. When I see your name on my phone, it always makes me grin like an idiot.

62. What emoji makes you think of me?

63. I have wanted to be with you from the very first second I ever laid eyes on you.

64. They always say that nothing lasts forever, so I was hoping you’d be my nothing.

65. Can dinner be on me tonight?

66. Tell me three things you think we share in common.

67. Have I told you how attractive you are lately?

68. When I borrow things, I always make sure to return them tenfold. Mind if I borrow a kiss?

69. If I can guarantee that my answer is “yes,” what question do you want to ask me?

70. I love how ambitious you are—I just wish that I could become one of your top goals.

71. Would you rather get eaten by a piranha or have dinner with me Sunday night?

72. What are your best flirting tips for someone like me?

73. I will never figure out how you manage to be so unbelievably gorgeous all of the time.

74. Can I be your genie for the evening and give you three wishes?

75. Someday, I have to thank your parents for raising such a smart, ambitious, and attractive daughter.

76. I think I’m starving. Want to get something to eat with me?

77. If I had one wish, it would be to change places with your teddy bear.

78. I’m so distracted by you all the time. Could you seriously tone down the hotness for one minute?

79. Did you grin deliciously when you saw my name on your screen right now?

80. When I’m around you, I finally feel comfortable being myself.

81. If I had to eat a bite of cake each time I thought about you, I’d have to roll out of bed in the morning.

82. I must say, you are one of God’s finest creations on this planet.

83. So you talked to me first and initiated the first text. Does this mean what I think it does? 😉

84. I love being friends with you, but I’d be ecstatic if you wanted to be more than just friends someday.

85. If I were next to you right now, would you let me hold you?

86. I love how amazingly naughty you can be. Care to show me any more surprises?

87. I’d really like to kiss you right now.

88. My heart does a somersault every time a thought of you crosses my mind.

89. My favorite place in the world is in your arms.

90. Did you ever wonder what heaven would be like? Are you interested in experiencing a taste of heaven with me? 😉

91. I’d like to check you off my to-do list. 😉

92. Want to spend the night? There’s plenty of room for you in my bed.

93. I love our friendship, especially when it involves making out.

94. You’re like a category 5 hurricane—you really blow me away.

95. Personally, I like bad decisions. Want to make a bad decision with me right now?

96. I’m impossibly bored at work. Save me, and take me on an adventure!

97. Could I have you as my midnight snack tonight? 😉

98. Out of all your gorgeous curves, your smile will always be my favorite.

99. All I crave is more of your attention.

100. I just woke up a minute ago, and you’re already on my mind again.

Do Aries Like to Be Texted?

While Aries likes to be texted, you probably don’t want to start a drawn-out conversation. The go-getter Aries wants to get things done in life, so she doesn’t have time to read a love letter each day. Often, Aries will initiate a text when she wants something and take the lead.

Because she doesn’t like drawn-out messages and rarely slows down to smell the roses, the 100 texts for an Aries woman in this article are a great way to flirt with and woo your Aries. Once your relationship progresses to the next level, you can always try one of the love letters we made for Aries women.

How Do Aries Communicate?

Aries women are dominant creatures who tend to be instant leaders within any group setting. They also prefer action over talking. Because of this, your typical Aries woman will keep her communications to the point so that she can focus on accomplishing her next goal.

If you need more than texts for an Aries woman to get your relationship going, we also offer advice on talking to an Aries woman. Just remember—the Aries woman loves the thrill of the chase, so give her plenty of opportunities to flirt with you and enjoy the game.

Are Aries Bad at Texting?

While an Aries woman will do her best to respond to a text, she can easily get distracted by all of her other goals and activities in life. Don’t read too much into it if she doesn’t immediately text you back. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is skip the texts with an Aries woman and meet up with her in person instead.

How Do You Attract an Aries Woman Over Text?

An Aries woman wants you to be honest, direct, and flirty in your text messages. She loves to be complimented, and she hates wondering how you feel about her. If you want her to fall in love with you, the best text messages for an Aries woman are playful and will make her laugh.

How Do You Make an Aries Woman Feel Special?

The Aries woman wants a partner who has strong opinions and is capable of going after what they want in life because these are qualities she expects from herself. While she doesn’t need to be pampered or cared for, she would like you to show her that you appreciate her from time to time. You also need to give her plenty of independence or space, or the headstrong Aries will feel caged.

To make your Aries woman feel special, you can send the best texts for an Aries woman or try giving her a special gift. The Aries zodiac sign is known for its love for adventure, so a creative, unique date is always a great idea.







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