Aquarius Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

An Aquarius woman is typically born between January 20th and February 18th. The Aquarius woman personality is known for being extremely imaginative and creative. This is a woman who is good at thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to put her creative ideas to work. Because of her creativity, this woman is also prone to daydreaming as she dreams about all of the interesting things she can create or do.

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Overview of an Aquarius Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

This woman needs her freedom to be happy. If it feels like she is in a cage, she will wither away. She needs her independence and has a sense of adventure. She likes to imagine new ideas and dream of faraway places. Often, the Aquarius woman personality is extremely creative. She has an innate intelligence and creativity that she brings to everything that she does.

This zodiac sign is also known for being extremely social. She loves to talk to people, but she is also an excellent listener. Many Aquarius woman are good at captivating an audience with an interesting story. When it is someone else’s turn to talk, she listens carefully to what they say and is extremely respectful. If other people need her advice, she will gladly help them out. This is not a zodiac sign that gives unasked for advice, however. She only helps when she is needed and will go out of her way to make other people feel comfortable.

The Downsides to the Aquarius Woman Personality

While the Aquarius woman loves to seek out new adventures, she is not someone who does well in a boring desk job. Routine, mundane tasks bore her out of her mind. She would rather be traveling the world or putting her creativity to work. An Aquarius woman does best in a job filled with new ideas or adventures. If she is forced to chain herself to a desk, then she will not be happy for long.

Another potential downside is the Aquarius woman’s dislike of advice. While she is happy to give advice to other people when they need it, she does not like to be told what to do. She does not care what other people think or say about her. She listens to her own intuition and opinion whenever she decides to do something. This can make her seem stubborn at times, but it is also one of her charms.

Another possible issue is with her finances. She likes big ideas and adventures. Financial budgets or monetary needs are just not interesting enough to hold her attention. The Aquarius woman personality would rather live in the moment and focus on enjoying life. She is not someone who focuses a lot on financial stability, which is one of the reasons why this sign has a tendency to live month-to-month.

While she is smart enough to manage her money wisely, she just doesn’t care to. Because of this, she really needs to work with good financial companies like Vanguard for retirement or Earnest for student loan refinancing. Otherwise, the average Aquarius woman will spend way too much time stressed out by her financial situation, especially as she gets older and realizes she doesn’t have enough money saved to retire.

An Aquarius Woman in Love

When it comes to romance, an Aquarius woman personality type tends to like partners who are interesting or adventurous. She will be drawn to that mystery man who no one understands. She does not want to have a boring, uninteresting partner. For her to feel truly happy in a relationship, she needs a partner who is adventurous and intelligent. He has to be someone who keeps her interested through his adventures or his sparkling conversations. If she manages to find this guy, she will quickly fall in love. It takes her time to be certain that she wants to be tied down forever though, so the Aquarius woman is typically slow to actually get married. When she does get married, she will want to have continued adventures and interesting experiences with her partner.

The Top Personality Traits and Characteristics of the Aquarius Woman

While there can be some variation between different zodiac signs, there are a few traits that you will generally see in the Aquarius woman. From an unconventional approach to life to a need for adventure, these traits truly define the Aquarius woman.

1. Unconventional

This is not a woman who does things just because everyone else is doing them. She truly has a different view of the world. While some people think of her as a whimsical person bound in the mind, the truth is that she can be practical when she needs to. She just does not have any need to accept the traditional norms just because everyone else does. She will question society’s rules and chart her own path in life.

This woman is also quite good at teaching herself. This might not translate to doing well in school though because she generally likes to find her own way to do things. She can do a job well, but she figures out how to do it on her own. This woman can be a go-getter, but this is primarily because she has a need for keeping her life interesting. She will constantly learn new things in her career, but this is because she wants to explore the world. This unconventional lady sets her own path in life and does not care what the traditional rules say she should do.

2. Honesty

Out of all the zodiac signs, the Aquarius woman personality is known for her honesty. She is not someone who will deliberately deceive anyone. Because of this, she is also not someone who will forgive dishonesty in others easily. If her partner cheats on her, she will view it as an extremely serious offense. She won’t volunteer advice or information all the time, but she will certainly give it if someone asks her what she thinks.

3. A Unique Wardrobe

The Aquarius woman is not going to be wearing the latest fashions all the time, but she certainly has a flair for fashion. She often cares less about what the “style” is and listens to her own advice instead. When it comes to clothes, comfort is paramount. Since this woman does not care much about what other people think, she will wear the clothes that she likes most and what feels comfortable to her.

4. A Good Listener

If you are looking for a friend, the Aquarius female is an excellent choice. This woman listens and empathizes deeply with the people around her. She will listen to everything you say and remember each detail for later. She is an excellent shoulder to cry on and the perfect person for sharing happy memories with. The Aquarius woman is an air sign, so she is all about communication. She does not hog the conversation and is a social creature. She maintains a good balance between listening and talking in whatever conversation she is in.

5. Independent

This is not a woman who needs a man to feel validated. No one has to take care of the Aquarius woman because she is a talented, independent person. She loves to seek out adventures and often spends her time exploring the world. While she can be happy in a relationship, she has to have her independence and freedom to feel truly happy.

6. Friendly

The Aquarius woman personality type is all about her friends. She loves engaging in interesting, stimulating conversations. When she becomes friends with someone, she is extremely loyal. She will always be there for you and is extremely altruistic. Often, Aquarians have a humanitarian streak because of their love of people. Unless she wants to be alone for a while, you will rarely find this woman without friends. She will always help her friends when they need her, which is one of the reasons why she is always surrounded by admirers.







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