Beaver Totem: Native American Zodiac

The Beaver totem in the Native American zodiac is known for its enthusiasm and work ethic. No matter how difficult the task at hand is, the Beaver knows that he can get it done. They are masters of planning and strategy, and they are known for immediately tackling any problem with eagerness and energy.

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Overview of the Beaver Totem in the Native American Zodiac

At heart, the Beaver totem is generous and extremely supportive to the people around them. At the same time, this is not a sign that is known for being exceptionally tactful. The Beaver often gets into trouble for speaking their mind without thinking about how the other person might perceive their words.

Known for their mental acuity, the Beaver totem is extremely adept at getting things done. Their work ethic is also used to escape from unwanted attention or their insecurities. When the Beaver feels insecure, he will often retreat into his list of tasks and hide within his work. Emotionally, the Beaver will often hide within the protective “dam” around his heart. As the Medicine Wheel turns, the Beaver gradually gnaws through this barrier to build an opening. He can still hide behind the protective walls of his heart, but he can also open the gate to let loved ones in.

You might not be able to see the actual Beaver working in nature, but you can always tell signs of his presence. His hard work transforms the landscape through wood collection and building a dam. In essence, this industrious soul re-purposes old, unneeded wood and transforms it into something new. He breaks with the old ties to the past by building a new sense of security and a place of safety.

The Personality of the Beaver Totem

The Beaver totem is renowned for his work ethic. In life, the Beaver is someone who creates and transforms the world around them. He builds a strong foundation that allows him to go for his goals. Like the Native American zodiac Beaver, the human Beaver is precise and sets a clear plan for achieving each objective. It is very rare for a person under the Beaver totem to waste time or put effort into something that will not work.

People who are born under this sign are linked to the direction of the East-Southeast and the East wind. As you might expect, they are tied to the Earth element because of their tendency to build sturdy, lasting foundations. The Beaver is constantly diligent, but this can sometimes lead to a tendency to be rigid in going after a goal. In more negative cases, the Beaver might be surprisingly possessive. This personality trait makes sense since the Beaver naturally feels possessive toward a goal or project that he has worked so much to create.

The Beaver totem is all about family. They will put in long hours to make their families have a better, more stable life. According to Native American lore, the Beaver is also a wise healer. Their wisdom and sweet nature are quite enduring as long as you don’t interrupt the Beaver’s hard work!

Once the season of planting has commenced, the Beaver begins a new cycle. During this time, it is important for the Beaver to think about their own foundations, personality and goals. Focus on celebrating the personal characteristics that make you, as a Beaver, so successful in life!

As one might expect, the Beaver is finely tuned to the element of Earth. They have a practical, well-grounded nature that makes them an ideal part of a family or work group. You can always count on the Beaver to work toward lasting safety and long-term security. During difficult times, wearing Jasper helps the Beaver focus and overcome challenges. The stone can also help the Beaver achieve the security and harmony he needs to be happy.

The Beaver is never someone who will settle for doing less than their best. They will never wing it at the workplace. Unlike some Native American astrological signs, the Beaver is not going to be super ambitious or focused on climbing the ladder to success. Instead, the Beaver wants to put in long hours to make sure that the job is done well. In the workplace, the Beaver is known for being exceptionally diligent.

There is one caveat about the Beaver totem’s career path. He should never pick a job filled with chaos or constant changes in routine. The Beaver wants to start a project and stick to it. If he has to deal with a chaotic workplace, he will be constantly frustrated and upset by the distractions around them. The Beaver does best in a workplace where there are clear expectations and goals that he can work hard to achieve.

As for money, the Beaver is a great partner if you want financial security. He is talented at budgeting his finances and saving money for a rainy day. The typical Beaver will save his money so that he can buy large-ticket items without a loan or debt. He’ll get student loan refinancing at Earnest and a retirement account because he plans ahead. Because of his ability to budget, the Beaver can generally get whatever he wants, even if his actual income would lead you to think otherwise.

Dating a Beaver Totem

In terms of Beaver totem love compatibility, this Native American zodiac sign tends to work best with the Snake, Woodpecker, Wolf, Brown ear and Snow Goose. While you might not expect it from his calm demeanor, the Beaver is actually quite emotional. The problem is not feeling emotions; he just cannot express them. With that said, the Beaver will almost always find a way to achieve stability and harmony in his relationships.

In the majority of cases, the Beaver wants to find a partner that he can be with for a lifetime. He does not want to just date around unless he is still trying to figure out the type of personality he wants in a mate. Once he does find the person he is looking for, he will settle down and be a wonderful partner and a committed part of a family.

In more negative cases, the Beaver totem can seem a bit possessive in a relationship. This is primarily caused by loving too much instead of any negative feelings though, so you just have to be patient and wait for the Beaver to relax.

Dating a Beaver totem is generally a wonderful experience. The Beaver is known for being a sensual, romantic lover in bed. He is also extremely sweet and thoughtful in the relationship. If you want stability, romance and commitment, the Beaver is an excellent Native American astrology sign to date.

The Beaver Totem

Birth Dates in the Northern Hemisphere: April 20 to May 20Birth Dates in the Southern Hemisphere: October 24 to November 21Color: YellowSeason: Month of PlantingPlant: Wild CloverCorresponding Western Zodiac Signs: Taurus for the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio in the Southern HemisphereStone or Mineral: Hematite, Chrysocolla and JasperClan: TurtleBirth Moon: Frogs Return MoonDirection: East-SoutheastCompatible Spirit Animals: Snow Goose, Woodpecker, Brown Bear, Wolf and SnakeComplimentary Spirit Animal: SnakeWind: EastElement: Earth







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