Capricorn Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

You always know when you are in a home with a Capricorn woman personality type. This sign cares greatly about the hearth and home, and the Capricorn is exceptionally efficient. She starts to organize the world at home and then works her way outward. When a Capricorn woman is present, you can expect home to be a tranquil refuge from the chaos of the outside world.

If you are looking to better understand the personality traits and characteristics of each zodiac sign, then we invite you to look through our extensive collection on the subject. Whatever the current nature of your relationship with a Capricorn woman, we welcome you to take a look at our entire series of articles about how to have a healthy relationship with a Capricorn woman.

Capricorn Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

Out of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Capricorn woman personality is quite an interesting one to analyze. This personality type is represented by a mythical beast that is a blend of a fish and a goat. This odd blend is a good representation of all the contradictory traits that make up the Capricorn woman. The Capricorn woman is a blend of common sense, drive, ambition and a desire for material things. She can be emotional, idealistic and focused n spiritual matters. This water personality often shows a hybrid nature with the fish or goat being dominant from time to time.

The Downsides to the Capricorn Personality

Like any zodiac sign, there are some positive and negative personality traits associated with the Capricorn. At times, she can have expectations that are just unattainable for anyone to actually reach. She can be insecure and depressed at times. While she is known for being highly organized and good at domestic matters, she can become moody and vulnerable. She may worry overly much about other people judging her or disliking her. She tends to take herself too seriously, so she reads into things too much. This sign is never known for being a risk taker, so she will not jump into a new adventure without carefully testing the waters. She also tends to view everything as all or nothing and black or white, which can make her difficult to live with at times.

A Capricorn Woman in a Relationship

This is a woman who prizes a loving relationship and a warm family life. She does not fall in love instantly though, so you have to win her trust and love. Once you have gained her trust, you will realize what a prize that you have gained. This earth sign is grounded, but her passions lurk beneath the surface. She will be supportive as you reach your goals and do everything that she can to show just how much she loves you.

The Top Capricorn Personality Traits

While there is always a little variation between individuals within a zodiac sign, there are a few personality traits that you can look out for in a Capricorn woman.

1. Heart and Home

While you might not notice it when she is young, a mature Capricorn woman personality type loves the hearth and home. Ultimately, she wants to settle down with a white picket fence, a pretty house and a loving family. She is talented at making her home beautiful and personally organized. Her family is always well-fed and well-cared for. She is a model of efficiency in the household.

2. Polite

While she might have a reputation for being moody, the Capricorn woman personality is also known for valuing social graces. She is all about etiquette and manners. When she cares about the people she is around, you can expect her to be one of the most tactful people in the world.

3. Practical

This lady is exceptionally practical. When a problem pops up, she immediately puts her problem-solving abilities to work. She is talented at multi-tasking and can always find a practical solution.

4. Shrewd and Honest

A Capricorn woman is good at sizing up any situation. She knows exactly what is going on and can make a practical decision about it. Unlike other zodiac signs, she will not just speak her mind. Even if she understands the situation, she will not say anything unless she has decided that it is the right choice. She will not be proud of herself if she makes the wrong choice, so she waits before saying anything.

5. External Self-Confidence

While she may be prone to insecurities, the other part of her mind is filled with self-confidence. She is practical and understands situations. She knows how to run a house, solve a problem and multi-task. With all of these abilities, it is only natural that she would be confident in her skills. At the same time, there is often an undercurrent of insecurity in the Capricorn’s spirit. She may feel like she is not smart enough or pretty enough. When this happens, she will often act super confident, even though she does not feel that way inside her soul.

6. Entrepreneur

Some Capricorn women want a home and a family more than anything. Don’t let this fool you though. If a Capricorn woman personality type sets her goal on running a business, you can expect it to be a success. Her talent for management, practicality and efficiency easily transfer from the home to the business world. She is savvy about how the world works and exceptionally determined. Once she sets a goal, she gets it. She creates practical steps to work toward her goals and then achieves them.

7. Ambition

Along with the last traits, a Capricorn woman personality can be exceptionally ambitious. She might be unmotivated and laid-back in her free time, but she is exceptionally productive in the workplace. She will volunteer for new projects and do everything without a complaint. Since she is quite practical, she will carefully think through her goal before she decides to do it. Once she has laid out the path and steps needed to reach the goal and knows that it is doable, she accomplishes it with a ruthless efficiency.







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