How to Attract a Leo Man

The symbol for the Leo is the lion, and Leo men live up to this reputation. He is the king of the jungle and leader of the pack. Wherever he goes, he brings along a crowd as he pursues his destiny. Finding out how to attract a Leon man can be difficult at first, but there are a few tricks that you can use to win his heart.

If you are looking to learn how to attract each zodiac sign, then you will find that you will be greatly benefited by providing yourself with the insights available within our collection on the subject. We welcome you to take this opportunity to peruse through our entire series about how to have a healthy relationship with Leo man, as this will support you at all stages in your friendships and romantic relationships.

How to Attract a Leo Man

A Leo man is not someone who is focused on finding love or discovering his soul’s purpose. Instead, he tends to focus his life and dreams on himself. He has a vision of greatness that he wants to achieve, and he will work toward reaching that vision. He is willing to have a partner as he hunts for a new adventure, but he is not going to go out and look for a soul mate.

A Leo man wants to be the star of the show. Learning how to attract a Leo man can be a challenge since relationships are just something that he enjoys. He knows that it is possible to find love anywhere, so he is not worried about staying in a relationship if it is not working for him anymore. Because of this, many Leo men leave a trail of broken hearts behind them as they go. While there may be former lovers lying in his wake, many of these ex-girlfriends would be more than willing to take him back if he were interested again. A Leo has little trouble finding a good mate, and he is not going to prioritize his relationship. His goals and dreams will always come first. Even if he promises to give you the world, don’t be surprised if he changes his mind when he gets what he wants. Once he has hunted for you and caught you in his grasp, he will often take what he wanted and move on.

Because of these qualities, it can be quite difficult to find out how to attract a Leo man. He wants to roam free and can be as untamable as a lion. If you want to attract him, you have to be the best version of yourself. While you have to learn to be happy on your own, you can fill your time with your own hobbies and goals. A Leo can squash your goals, dreams and personalities in his effort to reach what he wants. Because of this, you need to set your own boundaries and have a high level of self-respect to keep yourself from being crushed by his stampeding desires.

When it comes to people, a Leo man has a good intuition about what you think, feel and want. If you are insecure or have other issues, he will sense that quickly and move on. He won’t pursue the relationship if he thinks that you just want someone to take care of you.

A Leo man is looking for someone who is self-sufficient. He wants a queen and a lioness to join him on his journey. He is unwilling to settle for just anyone, although he is more than happy to have a temporary relationship or one-night stand with a beautiful woman. If you are to be his partner, you need to have other interests, goals and hobbies. If you only live for him, he will never be able to respect you. He needs someone who has their own hopes and dreams, or he will walk away from the relationship.

Top Six Tips for Attracting a Leo Man

1. Confidence

A Leo man is known for being exceptionally confident, and he always knows what he wants. If you are naturally lacking in confidence, he will dominate the relationship, take what he wants and move on. For you to have a relationship, you have to know how to set your boundaries and stand up for what you want. He will not be interested in a wilting flower or damsel in distress. While he certainly does not someone else to take charge, he also does not want a girlfriend who is too passive or submissive.

If you are his partner, you are expected to be self-reliant. Like the lioness, you have to hunt on your own at times. A Leo man is unwilling to fix other people. He lacks the patient, desire and time to support you. Has things to do, and he will not be willing to get slowed down by anyone or anything. You are either a confident woman supporting him on his journey, or you are yesterday’s news.

2. Compliment Him

With his super ego and high confidence, it is surprising that a Leo needs a confidence boost at times. He loves to be complimented, and each compliment reaffirms his own sense of self. He will automatically sense if the compliment is not genuine though, so stick to only flattering him about true aspects of his personality or looks. Leo men are among the most attractive zodiac signs, and they love to receive compliments.

3. Learn to Speak Your Mind

With some zodiac signs, you lose the guy’s interest and bruise his ego if you contradict him. This is not true with a Leo man. As you learn how to attract a Leo man, you will find that he wants a woman who is strong and confident. You need to stand your ground and speak your mind. If you stand up for what you believe in, he will respect you more. Don’t roll over and play dead to his demands. If something violates your beliefs, tell him and stand your ground.

4. Honesty and Loyalty

A Leo man is looking for a partner who will never betray his trust. He wants to know that you are loyal and will not share anything that he tells you in private. If you betray his trust, he will leave you. He also wants someone who already knows what they want and what they think. If you constantly change your mind about a topic and show uncertainty, then he will stop trusting you. He needs a partner he can count on, and wishy-washy ladies need not apply.

5. Adore Him

In public, your Leo is the center of attention. He roars like the confident lion he is and draws other people to his pride. In private, his doubts begin to come out. Because of this, he needs someone who will adore him. He wants support when he is at home because those doubts persist when he is alone. While he may be popular and well-respected in public, he needs someone who will love and adore him when he is brooding at home later on.

Many people do not realize that this side of the Leo even exists. He is so confident in public that most people assume that he is a strong, confident showman who never has doubts. If he reveals these doubts and fears alone with you, then you know that he is starting to trust you. Make sure not to betray this trust or your Leo could be lost forever.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Him Out

A Leo man is perfectly fine with you asking him out or him asking you out. His high self-confidence means that he is just as happy in either role. At the same time, there is a potential danger if you wait around for him to make the first move. With such a crowd of friend and admirers around him, there is always a danger that someone else will ask him out first. Because of this, one of the best moves with a Leo is to beat anyone else to the punch and ask him on a date first.

What to Wear to Attract Your Leo Man

If you want to find out how to attract a Leo man, start by paying attention to your looks. Leo men love to be admired by the people around them. They also love it when other people admire their possessions, talents or partners in life. If you turn heads and other guys think that you are attractive, he will glow with happiness knowing that others admire the woman who is with him. A Leo man often prefers soft, sensuous fabrics like satin and silk. You can also wear yellows and oranges if you really want to catch his eye.

The Best Date for a Leo Man

A Leo man loves to seek out pleasure, although he is not going to overdo it. If you want to make your Leo man happy, take him out to a comedy club or a gourmet meal at a nice restaurant. If you want a calmer, more relaxed date, try taking him someone outdoors. Most Leo men like physical sports and activities, so a hike or kayaking trip would be perfect for him.

Leo men tend to take a traditional approach to their dates, so don’t be surprised if he wants to open doors for you. Let him play the gentleman, and he will be more than happy. Treating you like a queen makes him feel like a king, so don’t be afraid to let him spoil you a bit in return.

The Leo Man in the Bedroom

Once you have figured out how to attract a Leo man, you can get ready for an amazing experience in the bedroom. Sex is a completely sensory experience with the Leo man. He likes to jump into the bedroom without putting in a lot of thought. Sex is not something that he takes seriously, so he brings a playful attitude to the bedroom. If you love to be playful and have fun during lovemaking, your Leo will be more than happy to spend time with you in bed.

Buying Gifts for a Leo Man

A Leo man is confident and loves to draw attention. Fashionable clothes that make him look his best are always a good choice for your Leo man. If you only have a little to spend, buy an expensive pair of socks or small accessory. You don’t have to break your bank account to woo a Leo man though. Your gifts show that you adore and appreciate him, which is ultimately the main thing that he wants.

How to Attract a Leo Man and Keep Him

When you have figured out how to attract a Leo man, your next goal is to find out how to keep him. Ultimately, he wants to be treated like the king of the jungle he believes he is. If you treat him like a king and adore him, then he will want to hang around. Make him feel loved and appreciated. Compliment him, be honest and make him feel loved.

When a crisis appears, stand loyally by his side. A Leo man will reward your loyalty and support by being just as loyal in return. Once he knows that you are going to always support him, he will fight to the death to keep you safe.

Like any astrological sign, there are downsides. A Leo man can be addicted to being the center of attention. If you take center stage too often, he can feel disgruntled and resentful. His worst trait is sulkiness, so avoiding this emotion is a must. At times, your Leo can also be smug and boastful. He dislikes when people deflate his ego, and he also dislikes criticism. If to address a problem, then frame it in a positive way so that he does not realize that it is actually a sly critique.

In public, a Leo man loves to tell stories, charm an audience and be the center of attention. For you, this can ultimately become tedious. Before long, you will have heard all of the same stories and “charming” antidotes over and over again. If you want to learn how to attract a Leo man, you have to learn how to put up with this tendency. Either zone out during the repeated antidotes, or grin and bear it.

If you can be loyal, confident and adoring, then you already know how to attract a Leo man. He wants someone who will support him no matter what and who is fine with being alone. If you can handle him stealing the limelight, then you can enjoy a positive, thrilling relationship with your Leo man.







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