How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

If you want to find out how to attract a Sagittarius guy, you are in luck. He is more than fine with you asking him out. Even if he never considered you a possibility before, he is more than happy to take a risk and find out where the relationship will go. He tends to like adventurous people, so being well-traveled is always a good thing. Avoid being possessive, show that you have hidden depths in your personality and you are well on your way to finding out how to attract a Sagittarius man and keep him.

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How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

If you want to learn how to attract a Sagittarius man, then you have made an excellent choice. He loves excitement and is likely to be a thrill seeker. He has a natural lust to life, and he is more than happy to try anything once. Because of this, it is easy to get him on a date, but not always easy to keep him. He is fine with testing the waters, but he will want to move on if he realizes that you are not the right fit for him.

Even if he is not that into you, he may still say yes to the date because he hates turning down an invitation. He wants to go wherever life takes him, so he will say yes just to see what happens. Since he tends to accept any date offers, then you better be quick. If someone else asks him out first, he will take her up on that offer.

If you are working with your Sagittarius man, you will find him easy to get along with. He is not particularly focused on his career, so he is more than happy to stop for a chat. Authority figures mean little to him, so he is not going to worry about what the boss thinks of his sudden chats or even his dates with co-workers. He likes to make people happy, so he will be there to cheer you up if you seem under the weather for some reason.

Since he loves adventures and traveling, this is an excellent thing to talk about. Most Sagittarius men are fairly well-traveled. If he is not, then he is at least going out on adventures to interesting places in his nearby area. Sagittarius men are often thrill seekers, so it always helps if you have a daring side to your nature. If you have traveled extensively, don’t keep your adventures to yourself! Your Sagittarius would love to hear about it!

If you have found the rare Sagittarius who dislikes adventures or travels, then he is probably a mental traveler. If this is the case, then he is probably reading books, exploring new ideas and thinking about unique philosophies to open up his mental world. If this is the case, show that you have intriguing ideas and an interest in learning that matches his.

Tips for Attracting a Sagittarius Man

1. Work Your Physical Assets

Sagittarius men are among the most attractive zodiac signs, so pretty face never hurts when attracting a Sagittarius. Like other fire signs, he is often drawn in by the passion of the moment. Being intriguing and attractive will make him stop and take notice. If you have pretty eyes or a beautiful figure, play it up.

2. Be Adaptable

A Sagittarius tends to like adventures and trying new things. If you love routine and spend your weekends watching Netflix, then he is not the right person for you. You need to be flexible and go with the flow. When it comes to your personality, you should be constantly improving yourself. If you have an inner depth to your personality, he will stay interested because he is constantly learning about new sides to your personality.

3. Join Him

As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat him, join him. If you want your Sagittarius to be happy, you need to take an interest in his hobbies and interests. He probably has an active social life, so make sure to take part in it. In addition, be prepared to go along on all of his travels and adventures with him. Trying to harness your free-spirited Sagittarius will only break his spirit.

4. Be Optimistic

While not all Sagittarius men are optimists, many are optimistic and idealistic. They want the world to be a better place, and they are always looking for solutions. If you focus on problems or are too negative, it will demoralize him. Try to be helpful and focus on the bright side instead. If you can’t find a bright side, plan an adventure so that you both get a pleasant break from the stress.

5. Let Him Be Free

With his drive to explore the world, a Sagittarius does not want to be too tied down. He is fine with being in a committed relationship, but he still needs to feel like he has the freedom to do what he wants. If he needs a spontaneous adventure, let him go. You can expect the same freedom yourself, but be careful. Like other fire and air signs, he may fear infidelity, so avoid doing anything that would make him suspicious.

What You Should Wear for Your Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man will typically wear comfortable, loose clothes. Wearing similar clothes shows that you are just as free-spirited as he is. He likes honesty though, so stick to clothes that are natural. If you wear make up, don’t create beauty—stick to enhancing your natural features. As for colors, he tends to like rich purples and blues. If you wear a perfume, use a light spritz of something exotic. When he smells that hint in the air, he will want to come closer to you.

A Sagittarius Man in the Bedroom

For a Sagittarius man, sex is another adventure. If you want to find out how to attract a Sagittarius man and can’t afford to travel yet, try doing something exciting in the bedroom. Find a unique, dangerous place to make love. If you are up for physical excitement and intellectual stimulation, he is an excellent partner to have. He will be open-minded about trying anything once, so you can try out just about anything with him in the bedroom.

The Best Date for a Sagittarius Man

Now that you figured out how to attract a Sagittarius man, you need to know how to keep him. A party or social event is a good, neutral place to get to know him. Risky dates like a casino or sky diving often appeal to Sagittarius men. A Sagittarius will often enjoy good food and drink, so an excellent restaurant or unusual cuisine is always a good option.

The Best Gifts for a Sagittarius Man

Since he loves good food and drink, an easy gift is some type of food or drink. Go for something new or unusual because he will love getting to experiment. If there is a restaurant that sells cricket cookies, snake venom shots or honey-roasted locusts, he will probably enjoy the adventure, even though he might not like the food. Other than food, try something that stimulates him mentally or physically. A unique philosophical book, tickets to wind surfing classes or something similar will be an interesting, exciting present idea for your Sagittarius.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man and Keep Him

If you have figured out how to attract a Sagittarius man, congratulations! Your next goal is to keep him. While he will try any relationship once, he is not prone to long-term commitments after a first date. He is more than fine with trying out a date and moving on if it is not working for him.

One of his biggest fears is being trapped or restrained in a relationship. He wants to be free and independent. If you are possessive and hold him back, he will not hang around. He likes honesty and tends to be honest as well, so just ask him what he wants and let him know what you want. As long as you aren’t possessive or controlling, he will generally be open to making changes to make you happen.

While any astrological combination can work out if both partners work at it, there are a few signs that are less than ideal for a Sagittarius man. A Taurus or Cancer tends to be the worst combination for this sign. In addition, a Gemini, Pisces or Virgo may also find it difficult. True love ultimately conquers all though, so don’t be afraid of trying the relationship out first before you decide if it is right for you.

Once you know how to attract a Sagittarius man, take things slowly. He won’t want to feel restrained, so just take things one step at a time. If he still feels independent and can go on his adventures, he is more than happy to have a monogamous relationship. If he feels like he was pressured, cajoled or tricked into it, he won’t be happy.

His tendency to be adventurous and excitement loving can cause negative traits like recklessness and irresponsibility at times. Luckily, these traits can be mediated. In the case of reckless behavior, you will be able to notice odd behaviors like dangerous activities or gambling before you get in too deep. Other than these traits, you can prepare for a thrilling, enjoyable relationship with your Sagittarius.







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