How to Get a Capricorn Man to Forgive You

When you speak or behave in a manner that causes the Capricorn man in your life harm, you will need to take appropriate action that will influence him in a positive direction. For a Capricorn, who values self-reliance, it may be difficult to convince him to accept your apology and decide to nourishing a relationship once again. He is reliable, so you may have to overcome his concerns if you behave in a manner which caused him to feel that you behaved in an unreliable manner. If you are seeking his forgiveness, then be direct and honest about your actions and your intention to get him to accept your apology.

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How to Get a Capricorn Man to Forgive You

Understanding His Reason For Being Upset

As you seek his forgiveness, you will need to take the time to learn the reasons that caused him to feel this way. When you upset him, he will inform you of his feelings, though his explanation may be harsh. This may cause some people to feel offended as they are seeking his forgiveness. If this occurs, then you need to understand that this is part of his process. A Capricorn man is prudent and practical, which may cause him to feel that a relationship that must be fought over is not worth fighting for.

Because of this, you need to be able to convince him that the relationship is valuable. This may be difficult, as the Capricorn is one of the signs known for being stubborn. During this time, he will likely focus on a single word or action that you took which led him to be insulted by your action. When he does this, you will have a specific understanding of what you need to address. He may also bring up other behaviors that he feels needs to be addressed.

When you learn how to get a Capricorn man to forgive you, you will likely find that he may be controlling regarding certain aspects of the relationship. Decide which aspects of the relationship you feel are appropriate to allow your partner to take the lead. If he is overbearing, then you may want to address those concerned with him after you have gained his forgiveness. For now, focus on understanding his feelings.

After this point, you may realize that his feelings are based on his feelings that you attacked his personal character and your relationship. It is likely that he feels that you do not value the relationship in the same manner that he does. Do not beg and promised things that you have not shown him, rather you should explain to him how you intend to alter your behaviors in the future.

Accepting and Acknowledging His Feelings

At this point, you are aware of what has caused the problem. This may be because something you said offended his desires regarding this relationship. He likely wants to ensure that his partner is respectful towards him. If your action was in response to a negative action of his, then keep this in mind for when you finish this discussion. After you have received his forgiveness, you should address these concerns to prevent similar problems in the future.

If it was a behavior that stressed this relationship, then it is likely that he felt betrayed. Throughout a relationship, a Capricorn man wants to protect his partner from harm. When he is hurt, then it will likely cause him to feel that he was attacked in an unexpected manner from someone that he felt that he could trust. At times, he comes off as overprotective or jealous, which may cause the people that he is maintaining a relationship with to attempt to prove that they are free to behave in whatever manner that they feel is appropriate.

When you have accepted his feelings, it is extremely important for you to acknowledge it. Ensure that the Capricorn man in your life is specifically aware of his need to be listened to. He wants to know that the person in his life is aware of their feelings and will no longer make the mistake that caused this disagreement. Meaningless words will not cause him to forgive you, as he wants to see real change. Just like everyone in the world, he wants to be able to trust his partner.

This relationship will likely be passionate, and the passion may fade while the two of you are navigating the future. This may cause stress for people whose relationships are focused on a strong physical connection. He may act in an irrational manner and not trust you when you explain how you will change your behaviors. He is often willing to give the people in his like an opportunity to show that you have changed.

Compromising With Patient Saturn

One of the most famous attributes of a Capricorn man is that they are patient. They will likely give someone the benefit of the doubt, if that person seeks forgiveness and an opportunity to prove themselves. This patience will ensure that their partner has ample opportunity. However, a Capricorn man is also often perceptive in regards to the actions of their partner. Since this is often the case, they may notice things and be particularly critical during this person.

However, there is a benefit to his perceptive nature. When you show him that you were telling the truth and reveal that your behaviors have changed, he will take notice. He will likely even inform you that he is aware of your actions. When you are learning how to get a Capricorn man to forgive you, he will almost certainly guide your actions. Use his natural desire to direct your relationship to your advantage at this time.

Resolving the Situation and Making Amends

After you have realized what actions needed to be taken and you have directed your energy to be a better partner to him, you will be actively working to make amends in this relationship and he will take notice. You should attempt to make plans with him, as he enjoys spending time with his partner. If there is something that you want to work on, such as a career goal, then inform him of that desire. Capricorns are often focused on status, and he may appreciate that you are interested in progressing yourself. This will make him feel more comfortable regarding the future of your partnership.

You may find benefit in attempting to impress him, because this will certainly help his to realize that you want to nourish the relationship. Take more chances to be close with him as well, as he often appreciates being close to his partner. If he seems to be stoic, then simply be aware that this is common for a Capricorn. In time, he will likely reveal and expression of his true emotions. When you get a Capricorn man to forgive you, you will likely find that he will be interested in revealing other insecurities and concerns.

This relationship is based on mutual trust, as is every relationship. When he informs you of the changes that he wants in regard to this relationship, then show him that you are interested in making those changes. As you do this, he will focus on the present moment, rather than putting his energy toward his future plans. At this point, you should share your desires and needs as well. This will help the two of you feel more confident and comfortable regarding the future of this relationship.







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