How to Get a Gemini Man to Forgive You

There may be a Gemini man in your life that you are seeking forgiveness from. The two of you have had an interaction which caused him to feel upset with you. You may have done something that offended him or caused him to not trust you. Your search has brought you to this article, and it will help you as you learn how to get a Gemini man to forgive you. His natural inconsistency and lack of decision making may cause this process to be difficult to overcome. Though, this guide will help you navigate your discussions and decisions.

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How to Get a Gemini Man to Forgive You

Understanding His Reason For Being Upset

One of the most noticeable attributes of a Gemini man is his expressiveness. When he is upset with you, it is likely that you will have no doubt about his feelings. The difficulty may come in understanding why he is upset with you. He often views the world through a superficial lens, and this may cause him to not notice the details of whichever action you may have done that caused him to feel upset. His natural anxiety may have made him feel insecure about his own behaviors.

When learning how to get a Gemini man to forgive you, it is important to understand that his reasons for being upset may change throughout the course of the conversation. This inconsistency may make it difficult for you to understand what is at the root of his negative emotions. You may have to have a variety of discussions to learn what is really bothering him.

Gemini people are ruled by Mercury. This is a representation of the messenger god. It is likely that having a conversation with him will be easy. This may mean that it is easy for him to share his feelings, but it will be more difficult for him to listen to yours. However, at this stage of the conversation, it is most important for you to listen, so it will make this step simpler. You may find that during this discussion, he may seem soft-spoken or unsure of himself. Because of this, you may need to inform him that you are listening and you want to hear what he has to say.

It is likely that he will be uncertain about what he wants for his future. He doesn’t want to be hurt again, and his natural tendencies toward air and his mutable nature may make him want to leave this situation. Because of this, it is your responsibility to make him feel safe and secure. He needs to know that you are listening to him. During this time, he will be weighing his options and may vanish into thin air if he feels anger or hostility from you. What is most important is to respectfully address his concerns on an intellectual level.

Accepting and Acknowledging His Feelings

After you have an understanding of his feelings and the reasons for why he is feeling that way, you can move onto the next step. When learning how to get a Gemini man to forgive you, it is important to understand that, as an air sign, he is most influenced by intellectual arguments. Emotional and physical interactions are less likely to sway his feelings. He is adjustable by nature, and he is interested in changing whatever situation he is in to make himself feel comfortable and safe. What he needs you to do at this time is to accept and acknowledge his feelings.

You can use polite jokes during your discussion if it is appropriate. His humor is cerebral, and it may help break down any defensive barriers that he has built to protect himself. You should apologize for your behavior, and your apology should be wrapped in words of acknowledgment of his feelings. Never try to divert his attention away from your responsibility. Doing so will only cause him to lose trust and respect for you. You must address your failure and inform him that you will change your behaviors.

Every Gemini is drawn to relationships. Their natural forgiving nature may often keep them in relationships that are harmful. Because of their awareness of this trait, they may form relationships with other people to make sure that they can draw on outside perspectives. You should request that the Gemini man in your life speak with the people he trusts about this situation. This will show him that you are both trustworthy as responsible, which are things that he desires in the people that he maintains relationships with.

It is beneficial to understand that he may mirror your behaviors. When you accept his feelings, he may choose to be more understanding regarding your actions. This does not mean that he has forgiven you, but simply that he is aware of your reasons. At this point, it is your responsibility to let him know that you are aware of how your actions influenced him and that you will no longer choose to exhibit the same behaviors. He must know that you are not acting solely on emotion, but that your mind is leading this discussion.

Compromising With Elusive Mercury

At this point, you have an intellectual understanding of his feelings. You have acknowledged and accepted the reasons behind those feelings. The two of you may have had a discussion regarding why you chose to take the actions which caused him to feel harmed. You are halfway to your goal of learning how to get a Gemini man to forgive you. At this time, you must address any unresolved questions that remain. He may want to clarify any statements that you made during your discussion.

The two of you may have come to an agreement at this time. It may require a change in your behavior. The Gemini man in your life may have realized that his actions were what caused you to behave in a particular manner. Each of you may decide that some changes need to be made. Especially in a relationship with a Gemini, you must understand that the status and the rules of your relationship may change after any major discussion. If you want to maintain this relationship, then you must ensure that you respect the boundaries and requirements that are set by your partner. Of course, he must treat you respectfully as well.

Resolving The Situation and Making Amends

Now that you have received his forgiveness and made a decision regarding the future of your relationship, you must show him that you honor that agreement. Because each Gemini man is different, you may find that there is no set course of action to be taken at this point. Regardless, you must treat him with the respect that he needs. During this time of change, you must show him that you are stable and happy with the decision that the two of you made. His natural desire for companionship will recognize that the argument has been concluded, and he will appreciate your ability to be his foundation once again.

At this point, your relationship should return somewhat to normal. Over the next few days, you may find him becoming introspective. This is him rethinking the discussion that the two of you had. He is trying to understand if everything that you said was reasonable and accurate. He is anxious and may feel uncertain about himself, so he may want to make sure that he didn’t say anything inappropriate or unacceptable.

Now that you know how to get a Gemini man to forgive you, you should apply these lessons to your relationship. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with him during this discussion. Being respectful during this conversation will help ensure that he will maintain this relationship. It is his desire, as it is all of ours, to be treated with positive energy, regardless if you are a family member, friend, or intimate partner.







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