How to Get a Leo Man to Forgive You

While maintaining a relationship with a Leo man, you will likely come across issues in your relationship that lead to the unfortunate sharing of harmful words or actions. A Leo man is ruled by his ego, and when he feels slighted, it may be difficult to receive his forgiveness. It is important to choose a pathway that is respectful to the Leo man in your life, but which also allows you to keep your pride. Instead of rushing toward him with an apology, you may find benefit in giving him space to calm down, and then address his feelings at that time. This article will help you navigate any disagreements or concerns that you may have in regards to this relationship.

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How to Get a Leo Man to Forgive You

Understanding His Reason For Being Upset

The most important thing for someone seeking forgiveness from a Leo man is to realize that time may not heal all wounds, but that time is extremely valuable to properly utilize. If you are unaware of the reason that he is upset, then you need to speak with him to understand what has caused him to feel harmed by your words or actions. To do this, you need to first give him an opportunity take some time to himself. You will get nowhere by attempting to gain information from him while he is in an agitated frame of mind.

After he is given time to collect himself, the next step is to give him an opportunity to share himself. You do not need to convince him to share his feelings, as he will let you know what is on his mind when he is ready to. While he is explaining his feelings, you will benefit in not attempting to interrupt him or contradict him. Give him the chance to lay everything out on the table, as this will give you an opportunity to address each of his concerns.

When you learn his reasons, which may include things that have caused him to feel upset, but that you do not feel are valid, you should address his emotions. Underneath his pride is a roiling fire of emotions. These emotions are guiding him in a manner that he is not willing to admit. This means that you need to connect with him on an emotional level. Let him understand that you are not only addressing his intellectual or spiritual concerns, but rather communicating with him about his heart.

This will give you and your Leo an opportunity to address the present and future. You will need to explain that you acknowledge his feelings and the rationality behind his desires. Empathize with him and inform him of your desire to change your behaviors. If he balks at this, then explain how you will alter your actions. He may be incredulous, but he will give you an opportunity to prove yourself right or wrong.

Accepting and Acknowledging His Feelings

After you have discussed his reasons for feeling how he does and addressing his concerns, you need to show that you have not only recognized his feelings, but that you have accepted his feelings. It is one thing to have the intellectual knowledge of the situation at hand, but it is another to have the experiential knowledge. You can truly acknowledge his feelings by empathizing with his values and desires for the relationship.

An important step in learning how to get a Leo man to forgive you is to understand how he views himself in relation to the world. Like all people, a Leo man feels that he is the center of the world. For him, however, this is a particularly powerful guiding force. He views his partner as the nearest thing to his equal, and he doesn’t want to feel undercut by the person that he feels that he should be able to trust the most.

He wants to be complimented and given opportunities to shine. If he is verbally abused, then he will likely feel that he is being attacked by the person that he loves. When his successes are ignored, then he may want to maintain a relationship with someone who will appreciate what he has given the world. Inform him how you value the relationship that you are maintaining, whether it is familial, social, or romantic.

All of these experiences are pointless if you do not change your behaviors. Show him that you learned from the mistakes that you have made during the course of this relationship. Give him a change to see that you are now acknowledging his values and goals. If he asked you to not bring up a certain resolved subject from your past, then do not bring it up in the future. You may feel that this is a little thing that does not have an impact on your emotional stability, but it is important that you recognize that it is important to the Leo man in your life.

Compromising with the Radiant Sun

Because of the natural pride of the Leo, any disagreements will likely not end in compromise. Rather, these disagreements are best resolved by acquiescing to his demands. It is not until after these problems have been solved that you should seek to resolve your own issues or seek to reach an agreement regarding the future of the relationship. You may find benefit in stroking the ego of your partner, as this will help him be filled with confidence. As he feels more sure of himself, the more likely he is to be understanding of the desires of his partner.

Depending on the basis of your relationship, you may feel that you are making the majority of the changes. If you feel that you are compromising more than he is, then this is something that you should address at a later date. This is because he wants to focus on his issues first. His comfort will cause him to be more receptive in the future. When determining how to get a Leo man to forgive you, you may decide if offering him a heartfelt or valuable gift is the right course of action.

Resolving the Situation and Making Amends

The success of this relationship will not end at simple apologies, but it will rely entirely on changed behaviors. Empty words are meaningless to a Leo, as he doesn’t want to maintain a relationship with someone that he is unable to trust. While he appreciates flattery, what he desires most is respect. Additionally, he will require honest expressions of commitment.

Loyalty is the most important quality that will support a relationship with a Leo. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you always treat the Leo man in your life with dignity. Do not undercut him or make him feel negative about himself. You will find that the most sure course of action to make amends with a Leo man is to raise him up. If he fails at his end of the bargain, then ensure that you address those concerns in private and without insulting him.

When learning how to get a Leo man to forgive you, you should realize that each Leo man is highly individualistic. Some may want to spend additional time together, while others may seek gifts. Others still will want to spend time together in public, because this will give him an opportunity to show off your relationship. You will need to learn about the values and goals of the Leo man in your life, as this will help you navigate any concerns or hurdles that manifest within the relationship.







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