How to Get an Aquarius Woman to Forgive You

Successfully maintaining a relationship with an Aquarius woman may involve you seeking her forgiveness due to an offending action or statement. When apologizing to an Aquarius woman, it is best to not delay in your attempting to discuss the issue at hand. You may find that a belief of commitment of hers was harmed by your behaviors, rather than her feelings. An Aquarius woman may make the decision to leave an unhealthy relationship without discussing her thoughts with you, so it is important that you are attentive and mindful of her behaviors.

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How to Get an Aquarius Woman to Forgive You

The first that you need to do to gain the forgiveness of an Aquarius woman is to understand where she is coming from. She is greatly influenced by her ideas, which in turn are influenced by her dreams, values, and desires. She may be as upset by betrayal as she is by a stagnant relationship. An Aquarius woman is interested in change, and she wants her partner to be dynamic as well. You must be attentive and swift when making an apology, as she may determine that the relationship is not viable before you decide to properly address her concerns.

Throughout these discussions, you should be aware that she is attentive and discerning. You may find that an Aquarius woman will seek a deeper meaning behind your words and tones. While you attempt to gain the forgiveness of an Aquarius woman, you need to follow the course of her thoughts. If you are mindful, then you may be able to predict where her thoughts will lead. When you understand where her mind is heading, you can properly address her concerns and successful gain her forgiveness. Get an Aquarius woman to forgive you by addressing her concerns and complaints.

Aquarius women, in general, are simple to please, and they have no interest in arguing about aspects of your relationship. She wants to maintain a relationship with an easygoing partner, though she understands that disagreements may arise. However, an Aquarius woman believes that any disagreements or misunderstandings can be overcome through intellectual discourse. She is driven by ideas, and she wants to understand your thoughts, fantasies, and desires.

It is necessary for an Aquarius woman to maintain a relationship with someone who can easily communicate their thoughts and feelings. Relationships with Aquarius women are often unsuccessful because their partner is unwilling or unable to share themselves. If you do not speak with her, then you may find that she will withdraw herself from the relationship. She has no interest in being with someone who is not committed to the partnership.

Accepting and Acknowledging Her Feelings

After she has shared her feelings with you, you must show her that you accept what she has to say. While the two of you may have different ideas about what makes a relationship successful, it is important that you acknowledge her desires as valid. An Aquarius woman will repeatedly share herself with you, but what she wants most is for you to inform her that you understand her. Get an Aquarius woman to forgive you by being patient with her as she attempts to she her feelings with you. It is not enough to quote what she has to say, as she wants to hear your own words reveal that you have taken what she has said to heart.

If she feels that you have knowingly offended her values, then she will speak with you about her concerns in a direct manner. You may find that some of her beliefs are more important to her than her own self-worth. An Aquarius woman doesn’t need to maintain a relationship with someone who has the same values as she does, but she also doesn’t want to be with someone who constantly offends her values. You may find that you will be faced with an ultimatum between your continued relationship and your unhindered freedom.

An Aquarius woman doesn’t want to feel that she is nourishing a relationship with an unethical person. She needs to know that you feel that her beliefs are valid, so inform her that you respect her principles and ideas. You may find that the two of you do not have different goals in mind, so you may work together in parallel to meet your ambitions. If the two of you are working in different directions, then you may find that this relationship is not viable.

It is certainly possible that the two of you may have numerous conversations about the subject. At times, you may feel that these are endless circular discussions. An Aquarius woman may bring up the topic numerous times until she is certain that you understand her position. You may find benefit in bringing up your own concerns as well, as this will help the two of you navigate any hidden threats to your partnership.

Compromising With Independent Uranus

You will find that the most important aspect of compromising with an Aquarius woman is balancing freedom with a shared connection. She wants you to feel free to do as you please, but she needs you to be respectful and mindful when doing so. An Aquarius woman wants a partner who will focus on the relationship and someone whose plans about the future are based on a continued partnership. If you are the type of person who is selfishly individualistic, then you may find that this relationship will meet a swift end. An Aquarius woman will forgive you if you make the decision to be a more mindful and considerate partner.

As with every relationship, those who choose to put themselves over their partner will find themselves alone and unhappy. However, an Aquarius woman understands that there are times when one must take charge and the other must follow. This means that there are opportunities within this relationship for each of you to be responsible. If there is something about her behaviors that needs to be altered, then share that information with her. Of course, do not attempt to evade responsibility, as this will show her that you do not respect her.

Resolving the Situation and Making Amends

Throughout any discussion with an Aquarius woman, you will need to give her numerous opportunities to speak her mind. She will listen to what you have to say, but she has no interest in being interrupted or ignored. Aquarius women will give their partners the opportunity to explain their side of the issue, and they will also share their ideas about how to make amends. For an Aquarius woman, every idea should be a moment of consideration. While she may dismiss a harmful idea, she will be interested in supportive beneficial ones.

It is important that you speak to her in a calm and respectful manner. Should you make the decision to treat her harshly, you may find that she will remove herself from the relationship. An Aquarius woman may emphatically argue her position as quickly as she may disappear without a word. For this reason, you should always speak to her through an intellectual or ideological lens. An Aquarius woman will forgive you by addressing her criticisms in an appropriate manner. While you may not change her belief system in this conversation, it is certain that you will influence her thoughts regarding what is appropriate for your relationship.

After all, Aquarius women are not opposed to change. If your argument is concise and appropriate, then you may find that she will agree with you. However, it is best to save such discussions for after you have gained her forgiveness. It would be beneficial for your relationship if the two of you make an agreement about the ideas and goals that are to be the foundation of your relationship. If you find that she feels that you are overbearing, then give her space to share herself. Similarly, if she is dominating the conversation, then assert yourself in a respectful manner. This relationship will be successful if it is based on respect and communication.







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