How to Get Each Zodiac Sign to Forgive You

Throughout every relationship, it is possible that your behaviors may have caused a stranger, acquaintance, friend, partner, or family member emotional harm. Your statements or actions may have been purposeful or accidental. Because of this, you may be attempting to learn how to respectfully and properly earn the forgiveness of someone in your life. It is certain that an individual’s zodiac sign will influence the way that they respond to different types of apologies. The following list provides links to the specific articles that teach you how to get each zodiac sign to forgive you.

Impatient Aries

As you attempt to gain the forgiveness of an Aries man or Aries woman, you may find that his or her response will be swift and critical. An Aries man or woman is driven by his or her intellectual values, and they expect any apology to be based on logic and reason, rather than an emotional appeal. He or she will seek to understand why you felt that your behaviors were appropriate in the first place, which may lead to a discussion about your personal beliefs and principles.

Stubborn Taurus

When you apologize to a Taurus man or Taurus woman, expect that he or she may refuse to have the discussion by removing himself or herself from your presence. For a Taurus man or woman, once the emotional connection has been betrayed, it is difficult to repair. You can expect that he or she will require an in-depth conversation about intimacy and trust, as he or she may feel that you do not sufficiently respect your relationship.

Anxious Gemini

For those who wish to express regret to a Gemini man or Gemini woman, it is important that you understand that he or she may be uncertain about what will happen if he or she forgives you. Once you have shown a Gemini man or woman that you are willing to harm him or her, then he or she may always be concerned that you may behave in a similar manner in the future. A Gemini man or woman will need your assurance that you will not make the decision to abuse him or her again.

Suspicious Cancer

Earning the forgiveness of a Cancer man or Cancer woman may be difficult, as he or she may not trust the motives behind your apology. He or she may believe that you are simply saying sorry because there is something more to gain from him or her. You have shown him or her that you are willing to betray your relationship and that you do not value his or her feelings. A Cancer man or woman wants to see that you are truly contrite and are earnestly seeking forgiveness.

Haughty Leo

Apologizing to a Leo man or Leo woman may be difficult due to his or her tendency to behave in an aloof or superior manner when harmed. A Leo man or woman may take this opportunity to cause you to grovel for forgiveness, as this may give him or her personal satisfaction. Your behaviors have likely injured his or her self-esteem or reputation. A Leo man or woman will want you to make amends in a public manner, as this will reveal the lengths that you are willing to go to gain his or her pardon.

Critical Virgo

When you express your feelings of contrition to a Leo woman or Virgo woman, you may expect that he or she will respond with condemnation. He or she may point out your various flaws and his or her concerns about continuing to maintain a relationship with you. Your statements or actions have shown him or her that you are not the person that he or she thought you were. Show the Virgo man or woman in your life that you are overcome your failures and become a more perfect version of yourself.

Judgmental Libra

As you seek the forgiveness of the Libra man or Libra woman, it is certain that he or she will reveal her considerations about your behaviors. A Libra man or woman will explain whether or not they found your relationship to be a positive or negative aspect of their life. For you to properly apologize to him or her, you must show that your relationships has the capacity to be a beneficial partnership. A Libra man or woman will expect you to address the underlying concerns that color your actions and statements.

Indignant Scorpio

While you make an apology to a Scorpio man or Scorpio woman, you will have to overcome his or her feelings that you do not value their emotions or desire their presence. Not only have you offended his or her value system, but your behaviors have shown him or her that you do not have any intention of treating him or her respectfully. He or she will not only need to hear that you a overcome with contrition, but he or she will need to see that you have changed your behaviors.

Rash Sagittarius

Showing your sorrow when addressing your failures to a Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman, you must behave in an earnest and straightforward manner. He or she may respond harshly, as your behaviors have certainly caused him or her to feel insulted or offended. You may find that numerous discussions will be required to earn the forgiveness of a Sagittarius man or woman. He or she will only accepts your apology after you have modified your behaviors.

Serious Capricorn

When you attempt to gain the forgiveness of a Capricorn man or Capricorn woman, you may discover that he or she will leave you no room for levity or wiggle room. Your behaviors have caused him or her harm, and you will be expected to be direct and honest about the reasons and intentions behind your actions or statements. A Capricorn man or woman has no interest in listening to you attempt to evade responsibility. You must show him or her that you are aware of responsibilities that you have to your relationship.

Unpredictable Aquarius

As you apologize to an Aquarius man or Aquarius woman, it is possible that he or she may behave in a manner that is not expected. This may be due to his or her ambivalence about the future of your partnership. An Aquarius man or woman is willing to abandon an untenable or harmful relationship. He or she is interested in having a deep conversation about your mutual differences and similarities. It is possible that you will have to alter the way that you express your values and beliefs.

Temperamental Pisces

While attempting to repair your relationship with a Pisces man or Pisces woman, you must show that you are emotionally invested in your relationship. He or she will be intuitively aware of your mannerisms and will be monitoring your behaviors for signs of emotional manipulation. A Pisces man or woman needs to be assured that you will be mindful of how your actions and statements affect him or her in the future. Show him or her that you are interested in becoming a more compassionate and attentive partner.







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