Signs a Gemini Man Is Ready to Commit

They say that a Gemini man will never commit, but that is not entirely true. There are some signs a Gemini man is ready to commit that you can watch out for, although commitment is really not the Gemini’s natural state. As an Air sign, the Gemini is happier bouncing between interesting intellectual ideas, and his intellect makes him think that true love is only in fairy tales.

A real-world relationship can be a bit too grounding and real for the imaginative Gemini. Until he can find the person he wants to settle down with, he will commit a bit to everything instead of focusing on one thing. While he loves variety in life, a Gemini also has a tendency to partner with a practical mate just so that he doesn’t have to handle all of the burdens of reality and day-to-day living.

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The Signs a Gemini Man Is Ready to Commit

If you are lucky, you will eventually notice some signs a Gemini man is ready to commit. Geminis can and do commit for forever, but he has to be comfortable with the relationship first. At some point, a lot of matured Geminis will realize that they don’t want the hassle and stress of restarting new relationships all the time. If he finds a woman who is relaxed and can entertain him intellectually, he will definitely start thinking about the long haul.

For your Gemini to even think about committing, he needs to have his space. For him to be his happiest, he has to have a balance of intimacy and the rest of his life. He needs some freedom to remain sane. Because of this tendency, Geminis are actually one of the better signs for long-distance relationships.

Even if you notice the signs a Gemini man is ready to commit, the relationship can still sour if he feels too pinned down or committed. He needs to have his independence and freedom. He wants the intimacy of a lasting relationship, but he also needs space to be his self. If he feels like he is being trapped or forced into a relationship, he will instantly want to leave.

A Gemini man hates being stuck in a routine, so he needs a change like an interesting weekend away or a unique date. He prefers relationships where he feels comfortable. Remember: the Gemini man has a tough time committing to anyone or anything. Don’t try to force him into a relationship because it just won’t work.

Since he hates being forced into any relationship, you really have to let your Gemini take the lead when it comes to commitment. You can ask him what he thinks about the marriage or his plans for the future, but leave your questions as just questions. You can follow-up on his answers, but give him plenty of space to think about what he wants and to communicate that with you.

Gemini Man Commitment Issues

The biggest Gemini man commitment issues that you will encounter is commitment itself. It isn’t that he is actually afraid to commit. He just won’t want to at first. The typical Gemini many wants to experience everything that the world has to offer and date around. In his mind, he thinks that dating more women will give him a better idea about what he wants and make him into a better partner. Until the right woman comes along, he has some fun and enjoys a variety of relationships.

A Gemini man can definitely commit, but he is not ready to commit to just anyone. He has to be 100 percent certain that you are the right woman before he will take that next step. Until he finds his soulmate, he is more than happy to play the field.

Will a Gemini Man Ever Commit?

The short answer to this question is yes. A Gemini man can certainly commit and can even be quite happy in a relationship. The problem is that he likes variety, and he is happy to play the field until the right woman comes along. He’ll commit to you if you are the right woman and you appeared at the right moment in his life, but he isn’t going to force anything or jump into a relationship too quickly.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a commitment out of your Gemini, focus on making your time together as fun as possible. Plan out weekend adventures to new restaurants, hikes or book readings. Try reading about some of the topics he loves so that you can give him the stimulating conversations he desires so much. If you can keep things interesting, he will want to hang around for longer and may even decide that you are the right woman for him.

What Is a Gemini Man Like in a Relationship?

For a Gemini man to be happy in a relationship, he needs a woman who is interesting. You have to be able to keep up with him intellectually or the relationship will quickly become too boring for this opinionated man. A young Gemini wants variety and will often date around, but this tendency tends to fall away as the Gemini matures and realizes that he just doesn’t want to go through all of the breakups and hassles of starting a new relationship again.

Because of his love of adventures and intellectual stimulation, the Gemini man is quite fun to date. If you aren’t looking for a long-term relationship, he is an excellent choice for a one-night stand or a casual fling. Just remember: the Gemini man will not commit just to be in a relationship. He is also not going to make you think that he is totally committed unless he actually means it.

You will notice the signs a Gemini man is ready to commit before you actually have any discussion about it. He will start focusing more of his attention on you and spend more time with you when he isn’t at work. You’ll get to meet his family and friends, and he may ask you to come along whenever he does his favorite hobbies. Once you notice the signs a Gemini man is ready to commit, just wait for him to take the lead. He hates being pushed into anything, but he will definitely take the lead on commitment decisions if he has decided that he wants to be with you forever.







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