Virgo Man in Love

Once a Virgo man falls in love, he’ll wonder if his feelings are real. Even though a Virgo man in love will think that his feelings are true, he’ll keep questioning himself. Because of this, he can be a difficult man to be with because it always feels like a part of him isn’t really sure about your relationship.

A Virgo man is a mutable zodiac sign and an earth element, so he is loyal to his friends and wants a lasting relationship. He won’t be happy until he finds someone who lives up to his expectations of perfection. If you are with a Virgo guy right now, read on to find out what happens when a Virgo man is in love.

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Overview of a Virgo Man in Love

A Virgo man in love wants perfection. That’s it. He wants a perfect job, a perfect circle of friends and a perfect relationship. Easy enough, right?

Virgos want a woman who will be loyal and who makes him feel confident about himself. The Virgo man tends to be extremely loyal, so he naturally wants the same quality in the lovely lady he chooses to be with. When he decides on what he wants, he can be driven, determined and goal-oriented.

This is all great news for you. If you have caught a Virgo’s eye, then you can expect a great future. Basically, he will let nothing get in the way of making sure that his family and wife are perfectly happy.

Virgo Man in a Relationship

When it comes to a relationship, the Virgo man is always looking for the perfect partner. Because of this, it is very hard for him to truly fall in love. He will keep reassessing the situation to figure out if it is really the right match for him.

Because he is uncertain, he will constantly look for cracks in the relationship that need to be fixed. He may even make out a list of pros and cons of being in a relationship so that he can logically decide if you are the right person for him. If he has decided that you meet his exacting standards, he will be completely faithful and loyal to you.

Of course, all of this can be a rather trying experience for his partner. At times, it can feel like you are forced to jump through an endless string of hoops to satisfy your Virgo man in love. Fortunately, all of that hard work will pay off in the end, so don’t worry!

A Virgo man in love is well known for being faithful, and he is also one of the more thoughtful signs. Even if he is in a rush because of work, he will take time to make sure that you are happy. Basically, he just wants his partner to feel appreciated.

He tends to be the type of person who will schedule out his day just to make sure that there is time left over to be with his family and his partner. While he may be thoughtful, he isn’t a sign that is prone to being especially romantic. Don’t be surprised if most of the romance in the relationship ends up falling on your shoulders!

His steadfast, sensible nature makes him better suited for a relaxed, warm relationship. He probably won’t be planning any vacations at the seashore or romantic getaways. A Virgo man’s first goal is to make sure that you feel happy and cared for.

Luckily, his lack of romance is made up for by his attitude toward the relationship. He is fairly relaxed and isn’t high maintenance. Once he is committed to the relationship, he is in it for the long haul. If you don’t know if he likes you yet or now, you can always check out our article on how to tell if a Virgo man likes you.

Since he is ruled by Mercury, the Virgo man in love isn’t always someone that you can constantly trust. He is smart enough to keep a partner that he likes, but he can be superficial when it comes to intimacy. He is the type of person who wants to stick to his routine, which can make him hard to live with.

Since he is an earth sign, he likes to enjoy physical pleasure. Unfortunately, this can lead him to stray if he isn’t with a partner that he feels is perfect for him. If he stops trusting you without any obvious reason for his behavior,  you should proceed with caution because he could be reflecting his own dishonesty onto you.

The Downsides to the Virgo Man

While there are certainly benefits to dating a Virgo man in love, there are some negatives as well. Since he searches for perfection, he can be overly critical and may criticize your life, yourself or your views if they don’t meet with his sometimes impossible standards. If you aren’t able to roll with the criticism, it can lead to arguments and a messy breakup.

The Virgo man in love also tends to be stuck in his ways. He isn’t going to change his mind for anyone unless he is the one who forms the new opinion on his own. Once he has developed a conviction, he will stick to it despite any proof you give him that his views are wrong. There is no point in trying to change him though because it just won’t work.

One of the most common complaints about a Virgo man in love is his pickiness. He can be overly harsh when picking a mate and can be judgmental. During your date, he will sit in thought as he tries to decide if you are really good enough for him.

The good news? He knows what he wants. If you meet his exacting standards, he is ready to commit.

The Type of Woman a Virgo Wants

While a pretty face and attractive figure are great, these details aren’t enough to get a Virgo man to fall in love. He won’t be swayed by beautiful clothes or makeup. The Virgo man wants a woman who is his match intellectually and emotionally.

He is looking for a confident woman who knows what she is worth. A Virgo seeks a partner who is stable and secure. He would rather have a good-looking woman with an amazing personality over a supermodel any day. Sure, he will date a supermodel for fun, but he won’t commit to her unless her personality is just as good as her looks.

A Virgo man in love is also looking for a woman who will give him an ego boost. He doesn’t want someone who plays games or is insecure. He wants to feel confident in the relationship and have a woman who makes him feel secure. It would be an added bonus if you could also get him to enjoy the wild side of life since a Virgo tends to get stuck in his routine. While figuring out how to tell a Virgo man how you feel isn’t always easy, it’ll help him feel more secure in the relationship.

A Virgo Man in the Bedroom

When you first sleep with a Virgo man, you will probably notice that he is quite rigid. (No pun intended). When it comes to lovemaking, a Virgo doesn’t have a natural sense of confidence. Until he trusts you and feels secure, he can remain quite rigid and unable to relax. A Virgo man in love also isn’t prone to romantic gestures or notions, so don’t expect sensuous, wild nights anytime soon.

When he does become comfortable with you, he will stop being so rigid. At that point, you may even feel like you have gained an entirely different lover. If he feels secure, he will start testing out new ideas in the bedroom and show you his passionate side. Once this happens, his desire for perfection will be a benefit to you as your Virgo lover focuses on each little detail to make sure that you are satisfied.

Since he isn’t a naturally confident sign, there are some ways that you can make your Virgo lover feel more secure. Reassure him about how he is doing and give him positive affirmations. He wants to be perfect at everything, so he will start to relax and feel more secure if you let him know how well he is doing.

While a Virgo man is known for being fairly uninspiring in bed, he will follow your lead if you want to try something creative or new. He wants to make you happy, so suggest new ideas. Just make sure that he already feels confident and secure with you or he may feel like the suggestions are a sign that he is doing something wrong.

Buying a Gift for a Virgo Man

A Virgo man in love isn’t easy to buy gifts for. He isn’t particularly fond of surprises, so stick to buying him gifts around his birth, anniversary or other traditional holidays. Buy him something practical like a watch, a journal or a book about something that he likes. He tends to like practical presents, so make sure that you get him something that he will actually use and need.

Still uncertain about what to get him? Check out our list of the best gifts for a Virgo man!

Romantic Compatibility With a Virgo Man

Like any sign, there’s a lot of room for individual people to vary from the basic astrological sign. Since some people only match some of their zodiac traits, it is possible to have a good relationship with non-compatible signs if both partners are self-aware and committed. With that said, the following two compatibility options tend to work best with the Virgo man in love. We also invite you to take this time to learn about the personality traits and characteristics of a Virgo man because this will help you navigate this relationship.

Virgo Man and Taurus Woman: This is a great match for a Virgo man because both partners are extremely secure. They both want a relationship that will last forever, so there is great potential for this relationship. Since you are both practical, realistic and sensible, you may need to go to extra lengths to liven up the relationship.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman: This is by far the best match for a Virgo man. You both are driven and willing to give your all to the relationship. Since you both take relationships seriously, you are ready to commit and work on a long-term relationship. Together, you can work to conquer any problems as you enjoy a fairly stress-free relationship.

How Do You Know If a Virgo Man Really Loves You?

You can tell if you truly have a Virgo man in love or not by seeing how he acts. When he’s in love, he’ll introduce you to his family, make romantic gestures and be protective about you. In addition to noticing small details about you, he’ll also start calling and texting more often.

Are Virgo Guys Loyal?

It can take some time to get to know a Virgo man, so he might not be loyal or committed at first. Once he knows that you are truly the woman he wants to be with though, he’ll be completely loyal and 100% committed to the relationship.

What Does a Virgo Man Need in a Relationship?

A Virgo man seeks perfection in his relationship. He doesn’t just want a pretty face because he needs a woman who can be his partner in all things. The typical Virgo wants the full package—looks, intelligence and personality. If you are all of these things, your Virgo man in love will be a devoted lover.







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