What Happens When a Libra Man is Hurt?

When you maintain a relationship with a Libra man, it is certainly possible that your behaviors may cause him to feel hurt or insulted. Fortunately for you, Libra men are often forgiving. He is aware of how much effort it takes to maintain a successful relationship, and he is unlikely to throw the relationship away due to a single argument or slight. However, if you make the decision to repeatedly harm him, especially after he addressed his concerns with you, then you may find that he will realize that you do not respect your relationship. Should you continue to act in his manner, then you may find that he will remove himself from the relationship. So take this time to learn about what happens when a Libra man is hurt.

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What Happens When a Libra Man is Hurt?

You may find that a Libra man may behave in a manner that does not indicate that he is hurt by your actions. It is likely that he will make the decision to attempt to deal with the problems in your relationship without speaking with you about his concerns. One of the most common aspects of Libra men is that they seek balance in all things. If you find that he detaches himself from you, then it is likely an indication that he feels that you have removed yourself from him. If he makes the decision that the relationship is no longer viable, then he may make the decision to end the relationship without your input. When a Libra man is hurt, you should be aware that he is weighing the positives and negatives of continuing to maintain this relationship.

If he is unable to solve the issue or make a decision himself, then he will make the decision to reach out to you. Unfortunately, he may lose interest in his hobbies or career. His other social relationships may suffer as he confronts the problems in your relationship. If this situation is left unresolved, then you will likely find that he may become anxious or depressed. When this occurs, you need to reach out to him so the two of you may discuss the concerns in your relationship. If you choose to not acknowledge these signs, then your relationship may be doomed to fail. Because of this, you should take this opportunity to learn about what happens when a Libra man is mad at you.

Supposing that you made the poor decision to cheat on the Libra man in your life, then you may find that he will respond by maintaining a physical relationship with someone else. This isn’t necessarily with the intention of causing you harm or even for personal pleasure, but rather to equalize your relationship. He wants to ensure that the two of you have similar experiences and concerns. Unfortunately, this may cause the relationship to be permanently altered, which may cause the relationship to slowly fall apart. When a Libra man is hurt, you should take action to ensure that the cracks between you do not turn into fissures.

You will find that a Libra man is not interested in revenge, as much as he is interested in justice. Wrongs should be righted and issues should be resolved. At the root of his desires, he is interested in maintaining a mature and respectful relationship. He isn’t interested in a relationship with stress and complications. He is perceptive, so it is important to not attempt to lie to him about your actions. Instead, honesty will help him forgive your behaviors and he will be interested in continuing to maintain this relationship.

What Does a Libra Man Hate in a Relationship?

Like all relationships, you should attempt to avoid things that cause your partner to feel frustrated or insulted. The Libra man in your life will certainly respond negatively to certain behaviors, and this will be colored by his values and beliefs. There are common behaviors that cause Libra men, in general, to become upset. What follows is a list of ten things that you should avoid if you intend to maintain a successful relationship with the Libra man in your life. If you choose to behave in the following ways, then you may find that you will be better served by learning about what happens when a Libra man is done with you.

Deception: One of the most important things to a Libra man is to be able to trust his partner. If you continually lie or keep secrets from him, then you will likely find that he no longer trusts you. Even a single breach of trust may mean the end of this relationship. This is because he needs to be able to feel that your conversations and decisions can be relied upon. If you lie to him and he doesn’t choose to end the relationship, then it is possible that he will make the decision to lie to you as well.

Egocentric: Every aspect of a Libra man is about balance and fairness. Likewise, his relationships will be based on his desire for equality. If you behave in a selfish manner, then he may decide that the best option is to focus on himself. If the relationship no longer is a partnership, rather two individuals who spend time together, then he may choose to spend searching for a more viable partner.

Argumentative: Some people enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing. Libra men do not find pleasure in disagreements or fights. He expects the people in his life to state their feelings and he doesn’t need everyone to agree with him. However, if two people have a different viewpoint, then he does not feel the need to have an argument about it. If you want to change a Libra man’s mind, then lay out your position through reason and logic.

Irrational: In general, Libra men are particularly driven by intelligence and logic. He may become annoyed by someone who allowed their emotions to rule their life. Feelings and values certainly influence the way that someone views the world, but they should not solely dictate how someone behaves. Opinions are welcome, but a Libra man feels that opinions should be based on facts and evidence.

Aggressive: If you choose to navigate the world with a cruel or aggressive mindset, then you will find that you will push the Libra man in your life away from you. He doesn’t want to be bullied or yelled at, so if you make the mistake of treating him poorly, then you can expect that he will avoid you. Similarly, he may make the decision to strengthen relationships with other people in his life with the intention of feeling safe and secure.

Unjust: A Libra man is guided by his desire for justice. If you treat him in a manner that is biased or unfair, then you may find that he will immediately end the relationship. Likewise, if you mistreat someone who is weak or innocent, then he will likely stand with them against your actions. You should absolutely expect that he needs you to be appropriate in the manner that you treat him.

Chaotic: When you want a relationship with a Libra man to be successful, you need to ensure that your life is in order. Do not act brashly or without reason, as this will cause him to feel uncertain about your behaviors. This may extend to the way that you manage your household and public appearance. When a Libra man is hurt, you should show him that you are able to maintain personal order within your life. People who are slovenly often find that the Libra men in their life will avoid maintaining a relationship with them.

Avoidance: If you and the Libra man in your life have a disagreement, then you should speak with him about the issue. Do not pretend that there is nothing to be addressed and do not avoid speaking with him. He needs you to hold a conversation with him, especially in regards to your relationships. If he reaches out to you and you make the decision to ignore him, then you can expect that he will break up with you.

Pressure: He does not want to feel that you are forcing him into action. If he is not ready to make a decision, then you should not pressure him. If you want to influence him, then lay out the reasons for your position. He may choose to follow you, with reservations, if you choose to take the lead, but you should not push him before he is confident in the path. If you attempt to force him in one direction, then he will naturally move in the opposite direction.

Pessimism: Libra men are naturally optimistic. Even if they do not believe that things will naturally get better, they feel certain that their behaviors will have a positive influence on the situation. People who choose to constantly view the world through a negative light will find that they are at odds with a Libra man. If you believe that nothing will work out and everything is terrible, then you can expect that you will push away the Libra man in your life.

You should allow this information to guide your future actions. You have the choice to maintain a healthy relationship with the Libra man in your life. When you want to strengthen your connection, you should take the time to learn about how to tell a Libra man how you feel.







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