What Happens When a Libra Woman Is Done With You?

While you maintain a relationship with a Libra woman, you may find that her behaviors become indicative of her decision to end your relationship. Before she makes the final decision to break up with you, it is certain that she will express herself through various actions and statements. When a Libra woman determines that she is breaking up with you, there is little that you can do to change her decision. The following article will help to explain what happens when a Libra woman is mad at you.

If you are looking to learn about what happens when each zodiac sign is done with you, then consider providing yourself with the knowledge that will help you successfully navigate any difficulties that may develop within your relationships. Considering the importance of maintaining a good relationship with a Libra woman, we invite you to look through our article collection about how to have a healthy relationship with a Libra woman, as this will provide you with a host of tools to help you successfully navigate your relationship.

Signs a Libra Woman Is Done With You

Should you be someone who is mindful of your behaviors of your partner, it is possible that you will be able to change your behaviors before she makes the decision to break up with you. It is certainly likely that a Libra woman will keep her thoughts to herself until the moment that she informs you that she has ended the relationship. If you notice that the Libra woman in your life is behaving in any of the ways listed in this article, then you should read this article about how to get a Libra woman to forgive you.

1. Unreliable

When a Libra woman has determined that your relationship is no longer viable, it is likely that she will decide to focus her attention elsewhere. This may cause her to no longer be considerate of your needs. If the two of you make a date, then it is possible that she will be late or unprepared. Plans may begin to fall by the wayside, which is something that an attentive and caring Libra woman is not prone to allow. Similarly, she may become uninterested in spending time with you, so she may avoid making any plans with you in the first place.

2. Shallow

It is possible that she will begin judging you for aspects of your appearance that she never mentioned previously. A Libra woman may become more critical of your looks, especially when it comes to things that you have no control over. She is likely aware of your insecurities, and it is possible that she will use that knowledge to attempt to make you feel undermined or insulted. This may be with the intention of pushing you away, as it is easier for her to end a relationship with you if you choose to distance yourself from her.

3. Guileful

As you discover what happens when a Libra woman is done with you, it is certain that you will realize that she becomes more manipulative and scheming. She may attempt to force you to do things that you do not want to do. It is possible that she will try to sabotage your social relationships, as this may cause her to feel superior to you. Similarly, she may damage your mutual friendships by turning people against you. If you notice that she is behaving in a sly or deceiving manner, then it is likely that she is thinking about breaking up with you.

4. Offensive

Over time, a Libra woman may decide that she feels that it is appropriate for her to become insulting and rude. She may choose to treat you poorly, as she is aware that this may cause you to become defensive. As arguments develop, she may attempt to twist the narrative around to blame you for her statements and actions. She may even attempt to avoid blame altogether by telling you that you are reading into things or making up stories. Should you realize that she behaves inappropriately in private, but considerately in public, then it is likely that your relationship is at an end.

5. Antisocial

In general, Libra women are social individuals who enjoy spending time nourishing their relationships. When you discover that she has drawn into herself, it means that she is uncertain about her future. She may harm her own relationships, even though she is truly frustrated with you. If she doesn’t want to spend time with her friends, then it is possible that you are to blame. Unfortunately for her friends, she may choose to spend additional time with you in an attempt to salvage the relationship, which may cause you to feel that you are the person that she trusts.

6. Vindictive

If you want to know what happens when a Libra woman is done with you, then it is imperative that you monitor the way that she treats you. When she becomes resentful and vengeful, you can be certain that there is something that she is not telling you. She may become passive-aggressive in her behaviors, such as not doing simple tasks that you ask of her. It is possible that she will behave in an immature manner, which may cause you to remove yourself from your relationship. This is likely what she wants, as she would rather avoid the confrontational experience of breaking up with you.

7. Indifferent

When a Libra woman is mad at you, it is likely that her actions and statements will reveal that she doesn’t care about you. She may stop asking you questions about your day. It is possible that she will become unresponsive when you ask her questions. It would not be beyond a Libra woman to ignore you when you speak to her in person. If you press the issue, then she might behave in a dismissive or haughty manner. When you respond by removing yourself from her, she may take it as a sign that you no longer care for her.

8. Unbalanced

She may begin to behave in an irrational manner. Unfortunately for you, it may be impossible for you to know what happens when a Libra woman is done with you. It is possible that she will be unreasonable and uncompromising. Similarly, a Libra woman may choose to respond in an aggressive or angry manner to kind statements or gestures. If you discover that she is acting or speaking in a way that doesn’t make sense to you, then it is possible that she has become unstable. This will likely cause additional arguments that will directly lead to her breaking up with you.







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