What Happens When an Aquarius Man is Hurt?

As you maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man, you will find that something you do may cause him to feel harmed. If this happens, then there are many ways that an Aquarius man may express himself. More than most, he is influenced by his ideas and interests. He is naturally interested in forgiving the people who have harmed him, though he may find it to be a better option to simply end the relationship. You will find that he is particularly independent, and he may choose to be alone rather than maintain a failing relationship. Enhance your ability to strengthen this relationship by learning about what happens when an Aquarius man is hurt.

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What Happens When an Aquarius Man is Hurt?

Aquarius men are strongly influenced by their emotions and thoughts, and these feelings are revealed in the way that they communicate and socialize. You may find that the way he behaves may be different from one day to the next. If he is naturally friendly and starts withdrawing into himself, then this may be an indication that he is feeling uncertain about the future. During this time, he is weighing the options regarding the future of your relationship. You may find that this uncertainty may cause him to become emotionally detached from you. When an Aquarius man is hurt, it is important that you attempt to maintain your emotional relationship.

During this time, he will want to know your input on various issues. It is possible that he will ask you hypothetical questions, and he may choose to talk to total strangers about his feelings. Similarly, he may focus on reading or a hobby, as this will help him make his decision. When he is ready to talk, then he will speak about your relationship and various other things at the same time. He is trying to determine if you are still a viable partner. If he decides that you are a negative influence in his life, then you will need to understand what happens when an Aquarius man is mad at you.

If you make the decision to cheat on him, then you can certain that he will inform the people in his life about your actions. It is just as likely that he will make a new life without you as he will speak with you about his thoughts and feelings. Maintaining a relationship after you cheat on him may become difficult, as this will make him feel that he can not trust you. You can expect that he will become jealous of you and potentially controlling in his behaviors. More conversations about your betrayal will likely arise in the future.

When he makes the decision to focus his energy on his hobbies and interests, you will find that he will think about you less and less. If you don’t reach out to him at this time, then it is likely that he will naturally fade from the relationship. This isn’t with the intention of ending the relationship without closure, rather he may feel that if you do not care enough to reach out to him, that true relationship was never there in the first place.

What Does an Aquarius Man Hate in a Relationship?

You will find that Aquarius men tend to be extremely individualized in their likes and dislikes. He is greatly influenced by his beliefs and ideas, and those guiding principles may change over time. However, there are general behaviors that seem to have a negative impact on Aquarius men. When he is hurt, you may find that he becomes more sensitive to your slights and insults. When an Aquarius man is hurt, then be certain to be mindful of how you treat him. What follows is a list of ten common behaviors that often cause an Aquarius man to become upset or frustrated. If you fail to allow this information to change your behaviors in a positive direction, then you will find that you need to understand what happens when an Aquarius man is done with you.

Traditionalism: He does not want someone who will simply behave in a certain manner because he was told to do so, whether this is due to a tradition of conformity. He doesn’t want to maintain a relationship with someone who is not an individual. If his partner behaves like everyone else in public, then he may determine that he wants to nourish a relationship with someone who is more unique.

Unchanging: When a Capricorn chooses to have a partner, whether that person is a friend, partner, or colleague, he doesn’t want to maintain a relationship with someone who is boring. Stagnant relationships often cause him to feel that something is missing in his life. He may look outside of the relationship for something to keep his attention. These behaviors aren’t with the intention of causing you to feel jealous, rather he is interested in nourishing a stimulating relationship.

Intolerance: He doesn’t want to be around someone who is intolerant. Prejudicial people often rub Aquarius men the wrong way, as he feels external judgments are harmful. If you treat people poorly due to reasons that he feels are inappropriate, then you may find that he will feel the need to address his concerns with you. If you do not make the decision to be more welcoming and tolerant, then you may find that he will remove you from his life, as he doesn’t want to be associated with intolerance.

Demanding: If you are constantly attempting to force him into action, then you will likely find that he will avoid you. He doesn’t want to be told what to do, just as he doesn’t want to force you to do things either. If there is something that you want him to do, then inform him of your thoughts and leave the subject alone. You will find that giving him the time will be more beneficial than attempting to force him to action.

Isolation: A Capricorn man understands that sometimes you may need time to yourself. However, if you continuously remove yourself from him, then he may feel that there is something wrong in the relationship. This may cause him to feel uncertain as well, which may lead to him having doubt in your feelings toward him. If you choose to isolate yourself from the relationship, then it is likely that the Capricorn man in your life may become emotionally detached.

Aggressive: You can expect that a Capricorn man has little patience for aggressive behaviors. Additionally, physical or emotional violence will likely immediately end a relationship with a Capricorn man. If you yell at him instead of laying out a reasonable position, then you may find that you push him away. Do not expect him to jump into a heated argument, as he would much rather remove himself from the stressful situation.

Rules: In general, Capricorn men do not want to be subject to rules and restrictions. If you prevent him from behaving in a manner that he feels is appropriate, then you may find that he subverts your rules. This isn’t with the intention of getting away with something that he feels is wrong, rather he is just doing something that he feels is acceptable. If you have a problem with a certain action, then you should clearly explain your position with your logic and values.

Illogical: He knows that the two of you may have disagreements about various things, as it is perfectly normal to have different fundamental values and beliefs. However, if your opinions don’t seem to match your core beliefs, then he may feel that you are reaching an unreasonable conclusion. You may find that if the two of you are having an argument and he may start addressing your reasons for your belief, rather than your belief. When an Aquarius man is hurt, then be certain to speak with him in a reasonable and logical manner.

Inactivity: If you are physically or intellectual;y lazy, then it is possible that the Capricorn man in your life may become frustrated with you. He doesn’t need you to set any records, he just simply doesn’t want to be held back by someone who isn’t ambitious enough to take action in any direction. If you are not physically motivated, then you should ensure that your work toward your intellectual goals.

Impersonal: Some people make the decision maintain relationships that in a socially or emotionally distant manner. This may work for some people, but you will find that this will quickly cause a Capricorn man to become frustrated or uncertain. You will likely find benefit in spending additional time with him if you believe to notice that he is concerned about your lack of interaction.

You have the ability to direct your life, so you should take this time to make the decision to be a more positive version of yourself. If you are interested in strengthening the relationship that you share with an Aquarius man in your life, then you should learn how to tell an Aquarius how you feel.







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