What Happens When an Aquarius Woman is Hurt?

When an Aquarius woman feels harmed or insulted, there is no telling what action she may take. Whether in a romantic or work relationship, her desire for change may overcome her natural tendency to forgive. Above all, Aquarius women maintain numerous friendships and will have no difficulty nourishing a new relationship. She is independent and stubborn, and there may be difficulty in righting a perceived wrong. We invite you to consider taking this time to learn more about what happens when an Aquarius woman is hurt.

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What Happens When an Aquarius Woman Is Hurt?

One of the quickest ways to tell if an Aquarius woman is hurt is if she becomes detached or hyper-social. She is an air sign, as her behaviors may be as unaccountable as the clouds. You can expect that she will focus on relationships that have not made her feel uncertain about herself. When her attention changes, you should be aware that she may create a new goal just to shake things up. This may not be to harm the person who has hurt her but to simply let them know that she is not anchored to any single individual or idea. Of course, you should take this opportunity to learn about what happens when an Aquarius woman is mad at you.

Because of her personality, there is no defined course of action that she may take. She may decide that she wants to be alone with her ideas or books. She may also jump into an old friendship, or spend a week deciding what she wants for her future. She is loyal to her relationships, though she is not against ending an abusive or neglectful relationship at a moment’s notice. It is possible that she will spend additional time at work, as this is a place where she may maintain social connections that are not related to other personal relationships.

Of course, she is a communicator and will likely inform you of her feelings. It is possible that she will send you a message through a phone or computer instead of speaking with you directly. Much of her time may be spent searching the internet for a new life. Do not be surprised if she starts speaking of traveling or seeking a new adventure. For an Aquarius woman, she is as likely to start a new life in another country as she is to open the pages of an unknown book. Knowing this, it is important that you influence her toward forgiveness and kindness.

How to Get an Aquarius Woman to Forgive You

There are many options available for you to take when an Aquarius woman is hurt. It is always beneficial to behave in a manner that is social and loving. She will find peace when with her friends and family, specifically people that she trusts. There are certainly grand ideas that she wants to share with the world, so you may want to explore those with her as well. Show her that you care about her feelings and thoughts by sharing her interests and hobbies.

She will always be looking toward the future. If she is harmed, then she may want nothing more than to put her past behind her. If your relationship is solid, then you may want to take a vacation with her. Show her that the two of you can make a life together that is different from the current situation. She may be bored, and this additional stress may be detrimental to your relationship.

With any relationship, it is important to acknowledge whichever mistakes you may have made. It is possible that she won’t want to talk about it, but you may be able to receive hints and clues regarding her feelings. It is likely that she has spoken with the people that she trusts, so perhaps speak with her closest friends about what actions you should take. Be sure to focus on the future of your relationship and how you will change your behaviors. Create a vision for her to accept, and be certain to follow through with your promises. She will not nourish a relationship with someone she knows to be unreliable or who fails to follow through with their promises.

Her behaviors and choices, however illogical they may seem to you, are complex and practical. When an Aquarius woman is hurt, she is looking out for herself or for the entire world, not the person who harmed her. She needs support from a trustworthy partner. She doesn’t want someone who will leave her behind or watch her fall. If a lack of communication is the problem, then you may want to speak to her with a group of her friends. If the two of you spend too much time together and she feels stifled, then give her room to breathe and discuss her feelings with people that you trust. She is interested in the perspectives of other people, and your friends may be better advocates for you than you would be yourself.

What Does an Aquarius Woman Hate in a Relationship?

Each individual person has their own likes and dislikes, though the Aquarius woman may be more unique than most. She is both changeable and stubborn. It is certain that she will not want to be ignored or overlooked. There are common hatreds that all born under the sign of Aquarius may share, and the following list will help you avoid the dangers. You are in the most danger of losing the relationship when an Aquarius woman is hurt, so this advice is especially important. If you choose to behave in a manner that causes her to feel annoyed or frustrated, then you should learn about what happens when an Aquarius woman is done with you.

Pride: Out of all of the social attributes of the Aquarius woman, her social connections are most important. She wants the people in her life to be partners, not people who want to order her around. She has no intention of quietly listening to the ideas of someone else, and if she does, then she most certainly will want her input to be utilized. Domineering friends and partners will find themselves holding onto a memory of her before they realize that she has left them behind.

Jealousy: Networking is important to every Aquarius woman. These connections may be forged at work, school, clubs, or other social gatherings. When a partner or friend attempts to control who she speaks with and when she does so, she will likely become frustrated. This frustration is not a rejection of the person who is jealous, but a manifestation of her desire to have many friends and relationships. She is loyal and she does not understand why her partner would prevent her from having these connections.

Conformity: The individualistic nature of those born under the sign of Aquarius is undeniable. She cannot accept that someone would choose to go with the crowd. Or, if they do, that they would sacrifice their own personality for the sake of fitting in. If her partner attempts to force her to maintain a social facade, then she will likely rebel. If pressured to conform to a certain shape, then she will become shapeless.

Stagnancy: She must be allowed to change, and her relationship must be dynamic enough to withstand the alterations that she manifests. A partner who is unwilling to change, worse so if that partner attempts to prevent her from changing, will quickly lose the interest of any Aquarius woman.

When an Aquarius woman is hurt, happy, bored, sad, or any other emotion, she will seek change. That is her nature, and that nature is what drives her to seek new projects and adventures. If you find that you are ready to become a better partner for her, then you should learn how to tell an Aquarius woman how you feel.







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