What Happens When Each Zodiac Sign Is Hurt?

While maintaining a relationship with someone, you may find that your statements and actions have the capacity to cause him or her emotional harm. Your behaviors may caused him or her to feel that you do not respect or value him or her. There are many ways that your choices influence the thoughts and feelings of those who are in your life, and it is possible that you have chose to mistreat someone that you care about. You may have arrived at this article because you have noticed that someone that you care about is acting in a defensive or unusual manner. The list which follows will give you insight into what happens when a zodiac sign is hurt.

Irritable Aries

You may have noticed that the Aries man or Aries woman in your life is behaving in a manner which makes you feel that you have harmed him or her. Commonly, he or she will behave in frustrated or harsh manner. This may cause you to feel that she is attempting to push you away. An Aries man or woman may decide to spend time alone or with another person, rather than spending time with you. He or she might dedicate his or her energy into careers, hobbies, or other interests.

Surly Taurus

If you find that the Taurus man or Taurus woman in your life begins to respond to your statements and actions in a prickly or grumpy manner, then he or she may be upset with you. It is possible that his or her behaviors will make you feel like he or she is removing himself or herself from the relationship. A Taurus man or woman may choose to be unresponsive when you attempt to cheer him or her up. He or she might devote his or her time to self-soothing behaviors.

Gossipy Gemini

Should the Gemini man or Gemini woman in your life becomes inconsistent in conversations or slanderous in speech, it is likely that he or she has been harmed by your behaviors. You may find that he or she will speak poorly about you to his or her friends and family members. Other people may inform you of his or her behaviors before you realize that there is an concern to be overcome. A Gemini man or woman may react in a passive-aggressive manner when you bring up the issue at hand.

Withdrawn Cancer

When you notice that the Cancer man or Cancer woman in your life focuses his or her energy inward while simultaneously avoiding you, you can be confident that a statement or action of yours has caused him or her harm. It is likely that you insulted him or her on an emotional level, which may cause him or her to become concerned about the viability of the future of your partnership. A Cancer man or woman may behave in a moody manner, which may manifest as bouts of sadness or anger.

Dramatic Leo

As you notice the behaviors of the Leo man or Leo woman become exaggerated or pronounced, you can be certain the he or she wants your attention. These behaviors may seem theatrical or melodramatic, as his or her pride may be preventing him or her from bringing up the topic in a more direct manner. In public settings, he or she may attempt to make you feel jealous or insecure. A Leo man or woman may speak to you in a dismissive or superior manner when upset.

Dismayed Virgo

Should you discover that the Virgo man or Virgo woman in your life appears to be confused or discombobulated, it is likely that she has realized that there is a fault in your relationship. After realizing that you are capable choosing to harm her, he or she will likely take the time to determine if your relationship is salvageable, which may involve uncomfortable conversations and interminable discussions. He or she will seek to understand whether or not your behaviors were intentional. Should a Virgo man or woman determine that your slight was accidental, then he or she may treat you in a patronizing manner.

Aloof Libra

You might have realized that the Libra man or Libra woman in your life may have distanced himself or herself from you. This is because he or she is making a decision about the viability of maintaining a partnership that brings him or her harm. You can expect that he or she will criticize your behaviors, and you may feel that he or she is attacking you with the intention of pushing you away. A Libra man or woman may take this opportunity to reach out to people that he or she trusts, as they will provide insight in regards to your actions or statements.

Self-Destructive Scorpio

If the statements and actions of the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman indicate self-doubt or ideations of revenge, then it is likely that he or she feels that you have hurt him or her. While his or her anger may be focused inward, you may find that he or she will sabotage your relationship. He or she may attempt to embarrass or undermine you in private and public settings. A Scorpio man or woman may choose to establish new relationships with strangers, as though seeking to escape the confines of your relationship.

Argumentative Sagittarius

Should you notice that the Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman in your life becoming introspective, then he or she may be contemplating ending the relationship. He or she may begin to slowly detach himself or herself from you by infrequently speaking with you or spending less time with you in person. During this time, a Sagittarius man or woman will likely be more argumentative or harsh when the two of you do have discussions.

Selfish Capricorn

When a Capricorn man or Capricorn woman becomes withdrawn or glacial, you may find that your behaviors may have caused him or her feel feel that you do not value your partnership. He or she may decide to focus on his or her career or hobbies, which may cause your relationship to become less important in his or her life. A Capricorn man or woman may bring up your actions or statements numerous times, while simultaneously avoiding a serious discussion about the obvious issues.

Detached Aquarius

While monitoring the behaviors of the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman in your life, it may become apparent that he or she seems to be focusing his or her energy in every direction but toward you. He or she may be looking for a way to escape your relationship, as your actions or statements have made it clear to him or her that you can’t be trusted. Conversations may become shallow, while your emotional connection may become strained due to his or her mistrust.

Insecure Pisces

If you come to the conclusion that the Pisces man or Pisces woman in your life begins to act or speak in a doubtful and uncertain manner, then he or she was likely hurt by your behaviors. He or she may spiral downward into a state of melancholy or fear. A Pisces man or woman may be prone to emotional outbursts or expressions of disgust.







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