What Sign Does Aries Hate?

Whether you are looking for love or just want to find a new best friend, it is important to check out your zodiac compatibility beforehand. Each sign has unique personality traits, which determine whether they will become best friends forever or immediate frenemies. If you’ve ever wondered “What sign does Aries hate?”, then this article is for you.

Because each individual is influenced by both the stars of the cosmos and their personal experiences, the range of incompatibility runs the gamut. However, there are certain common interactions that tend to rub each person the wrong way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these relationships are doomed to fail, but rather that each person may need to be mindful of such issues. Considering this, we welcome you to read our entire series about what sign each zodiac sign hates.

What Sign Does Aries Hate?

So, what sign does Aries hate? As an Aries, you may struggle to get along with a few zodiac signs. Most frequently, you may struggle to get along with a Cancer or Capricorn. Less frequently, you may have tiffs or disagreements with a Pisces as well.

There is an important caveat to mention. While an Aries might struggle to be friends with a Cancer or a Capricorn, this doesn’t mean that they can’t become friends or even get married someday. If you two are willing to work at your problems and listen to each other, you can often find a way to get along. To help in this regard, we’ve listed some of the resolution techniques you can use to be more compatible with your enemy zodiac sign.


As a general rule, Pisces and Aries are said to work well together sexually, but the same is not true for friendships and relationships. These signs are both quite imaginative and sensual, which means they can appear to hit it off at first.

A Pisces is known for being sensitive and in touch with their emotional side. Unfortunately, an Aries’ blunt nature and love of impulsive adventures can be quite challenging for the poor Pisces. Basically, an Aries can rub the Pisces the wrong way if they aren’t thoughtful and sensitive to the Pisces’ needs.


Cancer is the second sign that the typical Aries might struggle with, and the reason is basically the same. Aries men and women are wonderful people, but they do have a reputation for being straightforward and blunt. This blunt attitude can quickly outrage a typical Cancer, and Cancer is likely to suffer from unmet emotional needs.

Being friends or dating a Cancer can be especially challenging because the Cancer may send mixed signals to the poor Aries. Initially, Cancer might ask for honesty and seem to appreciate Aries’ blunt attitude. Before long, Cancer will realize that they resent how honest Aries is, especially when a white lie can often smooth over a difficult truth.

Both Pisces and Cancer may admire the decisiveness of the Aries at first, but this admiration can quickly devolve. To a Pisces or an Aries, it seems like it’s always the Aries way or the highway. Before long, these partners will become frustrated with the relationship and try to move on.


Finally, Capricorn may struggle with the impulsive Aries. While the Capricorn is quite regimented and enjoys having a structure in their life, Aries is decidedly less structured. The idea of a daily routine is appalling to the devil-may-care Aries who wants to explore everything they can.

With that said, Capricorns and Aries can sometimes become quite good friends and relationship partners. It just depends on how interested they are in making things work. If they learn how to compromise and to listen to the emotional needs of each other, then they can end up becoming a major power couple.

What Zodiac Sign Is Aries’ Enemy?

What sign does Aries hate most in a friendship or a relationship? While some people think Pisces is the Ram’s worst enemy, we personally think Cancer is the worst enemy. Cancer has a sensitive side, and Aries is far too blunt to notice subtle cues or hints. Plus, Cancer likes to take things slowly, which absolutely drives Aries nuts.

Before everyone who is in a Cancer and Aries relationship gets upset with us, just remember that this doesn’t always work for everyone! If both of you are willing to work together to compromise (and Aries learns to be sensitive to Cancer’s emotional needs), this relationship can work out. We just think it happens to be the worst natural compatibility fit for Aries, but you do have the power to change this fate.

How an Aries Can Become More Compatible

While there are obviously zodiac signs an Aries might hate, this doesn’t have to be set in stone. If you’re an Aries who has to work with a Pisces, Cancer, or Capricorn, you can absolutely get along. You just might have to work at it a bit.


For example, Cancer is known to be quite sensitive. This sign likes routines and wants to have a close relationship with their partner. Unfortunately, these qualities don’t match Aries’ adventuresome, impulsive nature particularly well.

Cancers have a problem with overthinking things, which is a major issue with the oblivious Aries. For this relationship to work, the Aries must help Cancer feel calm and mellow. They should also be especially careful not to text or say anything that Cancer might misunderstand.


While Pisces is known for being selfless, Aries has a reputation for being a bit on the selfish side. Obviously, this can lead to major problems, and the Pisces can end up getting taken advantage of. To get along, the Pisces must learn how to set boundaries, and the Aries must stop the Pisces from being completely selfless.

These zodiac signs tend to fall in love quickly, but building a lasting relationship will be a struggle. The sensitive Pisces needs an emotional connection, but Aries is too proud to be vulnerable. For any kind of friendship or relationship to work, they must learn how to trust each other and how to establish emotional depth.


Capricorns like to know what will happen each day. Their love of structure can infuriate the impulsive Aries. While Aries wants to let life happen naturally, Capricorn wants to manage each step of the process.

To become more compatible, the Aries should learn to listen to Capricorn and to ask questions about their feelings. Meanwhile, Capricorn should learn to go with the flow sometimes without always needing strict rules. While Capricorn should be more flexible, the Aries should also listen when Capricorn wisely tells them to avoid making a risky decision in life.

Which Sign Does Aries Hate the Most?

You have the capacity to determine whether a relationship will be successful based on how much work you want to put into it. With that said, Cancers are the sign an Aries is most likely to hate. Capricorns tend to be a close second, and Pisces round out the list. A fully mature, self-aware Aries can still have a relationship or friendship with these signs, but they may have to put extra work into it.







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