What Sign Does Gemini Hate?

Geminis love to be around people who are fun, inquisitive, and witty. If this doesn’t sound like you, then you probably won’t get along with a Gemini. Known as great thinkers, Geminis are flexible, impulsive, extroverted, and always searching for something new or fun to do.

Because each individual is influenced by both the stars of the cosmos and their personal experiences, the range of incompatibility runs the gamut. However, there are certain common interactions that tend to rub each person the wrong way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these relationships are doomed to fail, but rather that each person may need to be mindful of such issues. Considering this, we welcome you to read our entire series about what sign each zodiac sign hates.

What Sign Does Gemini Hate?

So, what sign does Gemini hate? It ultimately depends on the two individuals in question. Gemini is more likely to hate a Sagittarius more than any other sign, but there is always some room for variations between one Sagittarius and another. Other than Sagittarius, Gemini may also struggle to get along with Virgo and Scorpio.


At first glance, these zodiac signs seem like they should work out fairly well. After all, they both dislike routines and love trying out new things. They may also initially be drawn to each other because of their love of adventure and high energy levels.

Before long, Gemini and Sagittarius will realize their mistake. Sagittarius tends to focus on the big picture and the end goal when they work on any project. In comparison, Gemini likes to delve into the fine print and the small details.

While Gemini gets bogged down by an arcane question, Sagittarius will get frustrated and want to stay focused on the end goal. Without a sense of compromise, these zodiac signs will never work well together on group projects.

In romantic relationships, this pair gets into trouble because they do what feels right without thinking about it. They fall in love quickly, which means they can instantly become a part of a relationship that isn’t logically right for them. Once their energy burns out, their hatred of each other will be as strong as their initial attraction.

Finally, these zodiac signs will struggle to listen to each other. Free-spirited Sagittarius doesn’t want to be tied down to any idea or person, and Gemini is independent to a fault. Unless they can overcome their natural independence and love of freedom, they’ll struggle to work or live together.


While Virgo and Gemini won’t necessarily hate each other, this is definitely not a match made in heaven. Gemini is a trickster at heart, and Virgo tends to have trust issues. It doesn’t take a lot of emotional insight to realize that these two qualities can lead to major problems down the road.

These zodiac signs can also get in trouble because of Gemini’s superficiality. Virgo wants depth in their relationships, and that is a quality that Gemini will always struggle with. If Virgo seems upset about Gemini’s superficial attitude, Gemini will get equally annoyed in return.

Virgo can also run into trouble by overthinking things. With other pairings, the partners balance each other out. Because Gemini also overthinks everything, this pairing can quickly devolve into major disputes over (originally) minor misunderstandings.


What sign does Gemini hate the most? While they might not top the list, Scorpio is definitely up there. While Gemini is totally at home with contradictory opinions and beliefs, Scorpio can’t stand someone switching their opinion all the time. A true Scorpio wants a friend, partner, or co-worker who knows exactly what they want.

For Scorpio to feel safe, they must feel like the connection is secure. Because Gemini likes to change their opinion over and over again, Scorpio struggles to find the stability they need in this partnership. Plus, the impulsive Gemini nature is just beyond Scorpio’s understanding.

A typical Gemini thrives in a constantly changing environment. This means that Gemini’s most successful situation is the one Scorpio likes the least. Before long, these opposing needs can lead to major problems for the pair.

What Zodiac Sign Is Gemini’s Enemy?

When it comes to enemies, Sagittarius is the most likely culprit. Sagittarius is likely to jump into a relationship with a Gemini without thinking about or laying a solid foundation. Likewise, Sag’s love of independence will make it hard for them to see eye-to-eye with the freedom-loving Gemini.

On work-related topics, Gemini and Sagittarius are bound to butt heads because Gemini wants to focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of each project, but Sagittarius is mind-numbingly bored by such detailed matters.

It isn’t that these signs are fated to hate each other forever. The real problem is that their comfort zones and personal traits are just too different. They could learn to get along if they have to, but they will never be natural fits.

How a Gemini Can Become More Compatible

While the typical Gemini may have problems getting along with Sagittarius, Virgo, or Scorpio, this doesn’t mean your fate is permanently set in stone. If you are a self-aware individual, you can try to work through the common pitfalls of each pairing. With effort, you can make these relationships work out for the better.


What sign does Gemini hate? While Sagittarius may top the list, it doesn’t have to be this way. To get along, Sagittarius and Gemini must learn to respect the other person’s independence and love of freedom.

More importantly, Gemini and Sagittarius need to learn how to balance each other’s ideal working styles. Gemini must let Sag lead because Sag loves to focus on the big picture. Meanwhile, Sagittarius needs to take a step back and let Gemini handle all the small details.


For Virgos and Geminis to get along as friends or lovers, they must learn to trust each other. Gemini needs to tone down their trickster nature and be gentle with Virgo’s sensitive spirit. Meanwhile, Virgo must understand that playing a joke or teasing a partner isn’t necessarily a sign of a trust issue.

Deep Virgo must learn to accept Gemini’s superficiality. In turn, Gemini could benefit from slowing down and taking a moment to think about deeper matters in life. Since both of these signs also tend to overthink things, they need to make an effort to be positive and think the best of each other, or this partnership will not work out.


For Gemini and Scorpio to get along, they must learn how to balance each other’s needs with their own needs. While Gemini wants to be in a constantly changing environment, Scorpio needs a stable environment instead. Obviously, it can be difficult to satisfy both of these needs at once.

Gemini must try to give Scorpio stability. Avoid being too impulsive, and remember to give Scorpio a heads up before any meet-ups or important dates. Meanwhile, Scorpio must sometimes be willing to go with the flow if they want to hang around a Gemini for long.

Which Sign Does Gemini Hate the Most?

While the typical Gemini won’t get along well with Sagittarius, Virgo, or Scorpio, individual Geminis can always vary. Ultimately, the answer to, “Which sign does Gemini hate?” is determined by the choices you make. If you are absolutely determined to make a friendship or relationship work, it is entirely possible that you can make this pairing successful.







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