What Sign Does Leo Hate?

Friends, lovers, and family members need to figure out the answer to, “What sign does Leo hate?” if they want to have a positive relationship with this zodiac sign. While you can form a successful partnership with any zodiac sign, it is generally easier to become friends or partners with a compatible astrological sign.

Because each individual is influenced by both the stars of the cosmos and their personal experiences, the range of incompatibility runs the gamut. However, there are certain common interactions that tend to rub each person the wrong way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these relationships are doomed to fail, but rather that each person may need to be mindful of such issues. Considering this, we welcome you to read our entire series about what sign each zodiac sign hates.

What Sign Does Leo Hate?

So, what sign does Leo hate? In general, Leo won’t do well with Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius. While you can still be around an incompatible sign, it will take extra effort and commitment to make this kind of relationship a success.


When Leo is around Taurus for a long time, it can lead to clashes. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, which means they are fairly set in their ways. This can end up leading to problems if neither sign is prepared to give a little.

Because these signs are determined and stubborn, they want to get their way all the time. Whether Taurus and Leo are friends or lovers, this can quickly lead to conflicts. The dislike between these two astrological signs is almost instinctual.

Taurus likes to move at a steady speed, which is infuriatingly tedious for the Lion. Leo never wants to take a break, which is a problem since Taurus is perfectly fine with frequent rest and resets. Before long, these different work styles can lead to conflict and disappointment.


Leos hate being around Scorpios for long because Scorpios have a tendency to be too negative. While Leo wants to look on the bright side, Scorpio tends to see the haze around everything. Brief partnerships and casual friendships might work out temporarily, but deeper relationships can be challenging.

It isn’t surprising that Scorpio and Leo wouldn’t get along well. Because Scorpio is a water sign, the typical Scorpio is quite down-to-earth. This kind of attitude is simply unappealing for the showy, glitzy Lion.

These signs are incompatible in other ways as well. While Scorpio needs privacy, Leo wants to be surrounded by an admiring audience. Leo is also highly competitive, which means Scorpio will constantly struggle to get their way.

Known for being a bit manipulative, Scorpio believes it is their way or the highway. Scorpio will even spend huge amounts of time trying to figure out how to manipulate people into doing what they want to do. Because of Leo’s headstrong nature and competitive attitude, Scorpio will struggle to manipulate Leo, which will make Scorpio increasingly unhappy.


What sign does Leo hate? It might surprise you that anyone could hate an Aquarius, but this is, unfortunately, the case for many Leo-Aquarius partnerships. Leo and Aquarius are complete opposites, which means any kind of relationship will require a significant amount of work.

While there are many things to love about Leo, this zodiac sign has a tendency to be all about themselves. They love being in the center of the limelight, and they are extremely expressive. Meanwhile, Aquarius is happy to give up their individual voice for their community.

Obviously, these qualities can mean that Aquarius and Leo are frequently at odds. While Leo believes Aquarius is ridiculous and too self-sacrificing, Aquarius thinks Leo is vain, selfish, and egotistical. These two may be drawn together by a shared magnetism at first, but that magnetism will eventually fade into conflict, headaches, and an argumentative relationship.

What Zodiac Sign Is Leo’s Enemy?

Out of every zodiac sign, which sign is Leo’s natural enemy? In most cases, Scorpio and Leo are likely to hate each other. Scorpio is negative, manipulative, and wants to get their own way all of the time. Leo just doesn’t want to deal with that kind of situation.

While there are occasional Leo-Scorpio pairings that work out, these partnerships rarely do well for long. Over time, Scorpio’s negative attitude will bring down Leo’s sunny nature. Meanwhile, Leo thinks Scorpio is just too practical and down-to-earth for Leo’s golden aura.

Leo needs an audience and loves to be the center of attention, but this desire can clash with Scorpio’s more solitary needs. Unless these two signs can learn to be more open-minded and considerate, they will become enemies.

How a Leo Can Become More Compatible

While your zodiac sign can determine the natural inclination of a relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in a bad relationship or friendship forever. Even though Leo doesn’t naturally get along well with a Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius, this doesn’t mean they can’t use the following tips and a lot of effort to get along with each other.


Taurus and Leo don’t have to hate each other forever. These fixed signs are prone to clashing because of how set in their ways, but they do have the power to change. If Taurus and Leo are more open-minded and willing to give in a little, their partnership will be much happier.

Additionally, Leo needs to be more accepting of Taurus’ slow speed and methodical methods. In trade, Taurus can learn to pick up the pace a little so that Leo doesn’t go completely crazy.


While Scorpio and Leo can be fervent enemies, an initial relationship can be full of fiery passion. The same intensity and dislike of the other can lead to passionate nights and a union full of fire. To keep this kind of partnership going though, Scorpio and Leo will need a lot—a lot—of work.

To start with, Scorpios need to learn how to focus on the bright side and be less negative around the sunny Leo. Meanwhile, Leo needs to stop letting Scorpio’s gloomy outlook get to them.

Sometimes, Scorpio needs to get over their need for privacy and spend some time in a crowded, fun environment with the limelight-loving Leo. In turn, Leo can be more willing to relax at home or in nature with Scorpio.


Leo and Aquarius seem like complete opposites, but there are techniques they can use to become more compatible. To start with, both signs should make an effort to see the positives of each other attributes. While Leo needs to see the benefits of Aquarius’ self-sacrifice, Aquarius needs to understand the advantages of Leo’s love of the limelight.

These signs may never actually enjoy going to a loud party or volunteering at a soup kitchen together, but they can learn to appreciate each other. It is only by appreciating the other’s unique qualities that Aquarius and Leo can tame some of their inner conflicts with each other.

Which Sign Does Leo Hate the Most?

While Leos are warm and direct, they also prone to drama and a sense of ego. Because of these qualities, Leos may not get along with every other zodiac sign. By finding out the answer to, “What sign does Leo hate?”, you can get a head start on solving potential relationship pitfalls.







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