What Sign Does Scorpio Hate?

Known for their intensity and aura of mystery, Scorpio is known for being fearless, secretive, and passionate. While there are circumstances where these personality traits can be beneficial, they can also conflict with certain zodiac signs. To discover the answer to, “What sign does Scorpio hate?”, read on.

Because each individual is influenced by both the stars of the cosmos and their personal experiences, the range of incompatibility runs the gamut. However, there are certain common interactions that tend to rub each person the wrong way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these relationships are doomed to fail, but rather that each person may need to be mindful of such issues. Considering this, we welcome you to read our entire series about what sign each zodiac sign hates.

What Sign Does Scorpio Hate?

So, what sign does Scorpio hate more than any other? Each person is unique, so there is always a chance a single Scorpio will get along with an incompatible sign. However, Scorpio is more likely to have problems with Leo, Aquarius, and Libra than any other sign.


With Leo, Scorpio struggles to see eye to eye. While Scorpio can change their mind in an instant, this is not true for Leo. Before long, this can lead to problems.

At best, Leo and Scorpio will become a fairly problematic pairing. Scorpio is dramatic and intense, but Leo is full of energy, independent, and charismatic. Both signs have a magnetic intensity that can lead them to clash, especially when Scorpio’s possessive nature takes hold.

As fixed signs, Scorpio and Libra will find it difficult to adapt to each other. They aren’t naturally flexible, so they are unlikely to change unless they absolutely have to.

These attitudes can become especially problematic if the pair decides to date. Scorpio readily accepts that love hurts, so Scorpio will remain in a bad relationship long after it should have ended. Meanwhile, Leo might want a good relationship, but Leo won’t admit to being wrong and will stick it out just to avoid admitting that they have made a mistake.

Because of their egos, these signs aren’t ideal for interdependent relationships or friendships. If one of the two lacks an independent social or professional life, they will hate having to depend on the other person for any help. The only way they can find any level of balance is by meeting as equals and self-sufficient individuals.


Aquarius struggles to bond with Scorpio because of Aquarius’ freewheeling nature. As an air sign, Aquarius is known for being flighty. Unsurprisingly, a flighty nature and a lack of rules are just too much for Scorpio to handle.

Normally, Aquarius is known for being friendly and idealistic. At the same time, this sign has a reputation for being stubborn and aloof. These kinds of qualities are quite horrible for Scorpio because Scorpio is possessive and jealous.

If Aquarius is unintentionally aloof one day, Scorpio will take it as a personal snub and become annoyed. Likewise, Scorpio’s fixed nature means they are unlikely to give in, which can be a problem if Aquarius decides to be equally stubborn.

Finally, these two signs can run into problems because of their different ways of viewing the world. Scorpio uses emotions and intuition, but Aquarius tends to interact with the world on an intellectual level. Unsurprisingly, they will often find it difficult to see everything eye-to-eye.


Because Libra is also an air sign, Scorpio will struggle to get along with any Libras. These signs are also in conflict because of Libra’s love of teasing. Intense Scorpio might love to tease other people, but they just can’t handle being teased in return.

Worse still, Libra tends to be fairly indecisive and noncommittal. For passionate Scorpio, this is just too much. If they were to date, Scorpio would quickly become jealous because of Libra’s flirtatious nature. Scorpio might enjoy flirting in their free time, but they can’t handle it when a partner does the same.

Before long, Libra will also be turned off by their time with Scorpio. While they’ll enjoy spending all of their time together at first, Scorpio will eventually need to get their alone time. This can offend Libra, especially since Libra won’t understand why Scorpio doesn’t want to be near them all (or any) of the time.

What Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio’s Enemy?

Calling someone Scorpio’s worst enemy can be a bit intense, but there are definitely signs that Scorpio doesn’t get along with. As a general rule, Scorpio will struggle in any relationship that involves an Aquarius.

Aquarius is aloof, free-spirited, and extremely friendly. Meanwhile, Scorpio is possessive and would rather spend their time alone. On a Friday night, Scorpio’s likely watching Netflix alone at home while Aquarius is at the center of a roaring party.

Scorpio’s possessive, intense nature tends to view any of Aquarius’ aloofness as a personal affront. When there is a problem, Scorpio is unlikely to push their ego away and talk about it, which makes this relationship even harder to navigate. While they might be able to be casual friends or business partners, these signs will struggle to form close romantic relationships or to become best friends.

How a Scorpio Can Become More Compatible

Once you know the answer to, “What sign does Scorpio hate?”, the next step is figuring out what to do about it. Even though these signs are unlikely to get along well, they can take concrete steps to improve their relationships. With time and effort, these pairings can potentially be successful co-workers or friends.


In order for a Leo-Scorpio pairing to work, both partners must be willing to give in a little. Leo must be willing to admit when they make a mistake, and Scorpio needs to stop being so moody. Leo won’t want to spend their time alone constantly, so Scorpio must be willing to go out on the town from time to time.

While the magnetism of these signs can be fun, Scorpio needs to tone down their possessive nature. These signs must be willing to be flexible. If they can’t learn to listen to each other and adapt, they are unlikely to have a good experience with each other.


For Aquarius to get along with Scorpio, Aquarius must be willing to play by the rules sometimes. Most importantly, Aquarius must show up on time when they say they are going to. Having a free-spirited nature is fun, but a lack of rule-following will eventually drive Scorpio nuts.

Likewise, Scorpio should learn to let things go. Aquarius isn’t being aloof or forgetting meet-ups just to annoy Scorpio. If Scorpio continues to take everything personally, the pair will never be able to get along.


Libra and Scorpio need to be flexible. Libra must stop being so indecisive and become willing to make a decision. More importantly, Libra has to tone down their flirtatious nature if they want to have a relationship with Scorpio.

Meanwhile, Scorpio needs to ignore harmless flirting. It’s hard for Scorpio to stop being possessive, but they have to control their jealousy if they want to spend time around Libra. Finally, both signs must eventually come to terms with the fact that Libra needs social time, and Scorpio needs plenty of alone time.

Which Sign Does Scorpio Hate the Most?

What do you think? What sign does Scorpio hate the most? While the previous three signs are the most likely signs to hate Scorpio, nothing is completely set in stone. If Scorpio and the other zodiac sign are determined, they can improve their compatibility and learn how to get along.







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