What Sign Does Virgo Hate?

Virgo is a critical thinker who excels at communication and intellectual matters. While Virgos do well with practical earth signs, they often hate water and fire signs. To find out, “What sign does Virgo hate?”, read on.

Because each individual is influenced by both the stars of the cosmos and their personal experiences, the range of incompatibility runs the gamut. However, there are certain common interactions that tend to rub each person the wrong way. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these relationships are doomed to fail, but rather that each person may need to be mindful of such issues. Considering this, we welcome you to read our entire series about what sign each zodiac sign hates.

What Sign Does Virgo Hate?

Each person is unique, so there can be some variation between individuals. However, most Virgos will do badly with Libra, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Unless both signs are willing to work hard at getting along, any relationship is doomed to fail.


As an air sign, Libras have a flighty tendency in their nature. This annoys the practical Virgo to no end. While they won’t necessarily be enemies, they also won’t get along without a lot of extra work.

When it comes to friendship, these signs can initially bond over shared traits, like practicality, rational thinking, and smart choices. However, Virgo is an earth sign who focuses on productivity, and Libra is an air sign that wants to achieve a state of balance. These contradictory natures can end up causing the pair to fight over a lack of common ground.

Since Virgo and Libra dislike confrontation, they may just stop talking to each other instead of addressing their problems. In romantic relationships, Virgo is too reserved in the bedroom for the adventurous Libra. Emotionally, they will struggle to discuss their feelings.

Even when these friends or lovers talk about their feelings, Libra can become passive-aggressive and manipulative. This is a problem because Virgo is often judgmental and critical. Together, these attitudes can end up ruining any hopes of reconciliation.


Known for being intensely passionate, Sagittarius is a fire sign. This can be an issue for a practical earth sign like Virgo.

What sign does Virgo hate? It might not seem like it at first, but Virgo and Sagittarius are incredibly challenging when you throw them together. While they might initially get along because of their intellectual natures and sense of humor, Sagittarius won’t like Virgo’s pragmatic nature. In turn, Sagittarius will get tired of feeling hemmed in and restrained.

Virgo is an earth sign who seeks security and stability. In relationships, Sagittarius’ free spirit will drive Virgo nuts. Additionally, Virgo can get annoyed by Sag’s sunny optimism.

Known for their love of labeling and organizing everything, Virgo is completely at odds with Sagittarius. The meticulous Virgo just ruins the adventuresome spirit of Sagittarius. Likewise, Virgo will go crazy over Sagittarius’ unpredictable emotions and decisions.


Aquarius is another sign that can seem flighty to the practical-minded Virgo. When it comes to their personalities, these zodiac signs have some major differences. Virgo has the capacity to handle their emotions, but Aquarius isn’t in touch with their sensitive side.

While Aquarius and Virgo are both creative and intelligent, Virgo is too regimented for the independent Aquarius. Old-school Virgo can also be turned off by Aquarius’ drive toward everything modern and exciting. Aquarius struggles to focus on personal relationships, which can lead to problems if Aquarius and Virgo decide to be in a relationship.

Marriages and romantic relationships are unlikely to work well between these zodiac signs. There is a chance that a business partnership could succeed if both partners learn to listen to the other. Aquarius could dream up outrageous new ideas, and Virgo could lay in the meticulous schedule needed to achieve those goals.

What Zodiac Sign Is Virgo’s Enemy?

While this isn’t the case between every Virgo and Sagittarius, Sagittarius is the most likely enemy for this earth sign. They might initially be attracted to the philosophical nature of the other, but they will quickly feel conflicted. While earthy Virgo wants stability in a relationship, Sagittarius will never feel happy tied down.

The free spirit of Sagittarius and the stability of Virgo will perpetually be at odds with each other. Virgo enjoys organizing everything and creating meticulous plans, which is a nightmare for the adventurous Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Virgo will struggle to respect Sagittarius’ unpredictable nature.

How a Virgo Can Become More Compatible

Virgo might naturally be incompatible with Libra, Aquarius, and Sagittarius, but they don’t have to completely avoid these relationships. Virgo can become more compatible by learning how to work with the challenges of each zodiac sign. In turn, these zodiac signs can learn the best ways to deal with Virgo as well.


Libras and Virgos aren’t resigned to always hating each other. If they are willing to work out their quirks, they can actually develop an appreciation for the intellectual aptitudes of the other. These are the most giving signs of the zodiac, so there is great potential here if both partners can learn how to respect each other’s feelings.

When it comes to the workplace, these signs must learn how to balance Libra’s desire for harmony and Virgo’s desire for productivity. Perhaps Virgo and Libra can break down projects into separate sections where each sign can take control.

Since Libra and Virgo hate confrontation, they may need to deliberately set aside time to talk about serious topics that bother them. Going to regular counseling appointments can also help the pair communicate better. Most importantly, Virgo must avoid becoming judgmental, and Libra needs to avoid manipulating Virgo.


For Aquarius and Virgo to get along, Virgo needs to loosen up and stop being so regimented and meticulous. Meanwhile, Aquarius needs to understand that old items and traditions can sometimes be worthwhile as well. When it comes to personal relationships, the two must learn how to communicate their emotions.

Ultimately, Aquarius and Virgo will only get along if they start listening to each other. Each person has useful talents and attributes that could benefit the other, but they must take a step back and listen to each other in order to realize this simple fact.


To get along with Sagittarius, Virgo needs to see the benefits of Sagittarius’ sunny optimism. Additionally, they need to let adventurous Sagittarius have some room to roam and explore the world.

In turn, Sagittarius must understand Virgo’s need for stability. Instead of belittling or getting annoyed by Virgo’s practical, pragmatic nature, Sagittarius should focus on the benefits of this attitude. It is only by seeing the positives of each other’s qualities that these two will be able to stop hating each other and start enjoying their time together.

Which Sign Does Virgo Hate the Most?

What sign does Virgo hate the most? While Virgo is likely to hate Sagittarius the most, they may also struggle to get along with Aquarius and Libra. This isn’t set in stone, however. It might take a significant amount of effort, but Virgo can get along with these signs if they are determined to have a good friendship or relationship.







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